Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat


Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat

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Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat

The Chat is a rickshaw transport bike that is suitable for a broad cycling audience. This social bike is suitable for the elderly, among other things, but the Chat is also a nice solution to explore the area on a holiday with small children. Besides that this transport bike looks nice, the Chat also cycles very comfortably. This is partly due to the unique riding characteristics and ergonomic seat. Read more about the riding characteristics of the Van Raam Chat in this article.

Video highlights of the Chat rickshaw bike

Safety first!

You should lock the parking brake on your Chat rickshaw bike when getting on and off so that the bike cannot roll away. This increases safety for you and the passengers. Furthermore, there are also 2 belts for the passengers in the seat component.

Rickshaw Chat transport bike adjustable footplate Van Raam
Easy and safe entry and exit on the Chat

Adjustable footplate Chat

To ensure that everyone can get smoothly on or off the rickshaw bike Chat, this social bike has an easy-to-operate footplate. By lowering the footplate, the passenger does not have to lift his or her legs, but can lean back and sit in the seat. Once all passengers are seated, the rider can raise the footplate and the passengers are sitting comfortable.

Whoever takes a seat in front of the Chat will notice that the seat of the cockpit is sloping backwards. Because of this shape, the passengers are sitting more to the back and the feeling of safety and security is created.

The cockpit of the Chat bike

The comfort of the passengers was very importantwhen designing the cockpit of the Chat. This has resulted in a specially designed cockpit where design and ergonomics come together. Thanks to the combination of suspension, correct ergonomics and seat cushions, passengers can enjoy a comfortable bike ride. Seat belts are attached in the seat of the Chat for passengers to attach.

Rickshaw Chat transport bike cockpit Van Raam
Rickshaw Chat transport bike storage possibilities Van Raam
Have a fun day out with the Chat!

Many storage options for a fun day out

The Chat is a suitable bike for a fun day out on the road with for example your grandfather and / or grandmother, butthis bike is also really suitable for a residence excursion. Due to the many storage options that this transport bike / cargo bike offers, the thermos flask, sunscreen and something to eat can easily be taken along.

Electrical pedal support by Van Raam

The Chat transport bike comes standard with Van Raam's Silent HT electrical pedal support. Van Raam has had its own electric pedal support system since 2011, called the Silent System. This means that the motors, the batteries, the controller, the Smart display and the software have been developed by and for Van Raam.

The pedal suport by Van Raam has some useful benefits. For example, the pedal support is easy to operate and allows you to cycle both forwards and backwards. The reverse cycle is very pleasant, because you can stay on your cargo bike with, for example, reverse parking. The very powerful electric motors also have the advantage that they are as good as silent, so you can hear the birds singing in the forest!

Rickshaw Chat transport bike electrical pedal support Van Raam
Rickshaw Chat transport bike starting aid Van Raam

Do you have trouble to start cycling with your bike? The pedal support by Van Raam is also equipped with a starting aid. By pressing the starting aid for a few seconds (the pedal support must, of course, be switched on) you will notice that the cargo bike automatically moves forward for a few meters. The rider can then continue pedaling and thus easily cycles away at an intersection or traffic light.

Pedal support

Van Raam E-Bike app

Because the Rickshaw Chat has standardpedal support, you can also use the free Van Raam E-Bike app with this transport bike. With this app, among other things, the settings of the bike and the pedal support can be changed, an SOS message with GPS location can be sent and the current bicycle data can be displayed, such as the speed, distance, battery capacity, etc. So you know exactly how many kilometers / miles you can cycle before the battery will be dead.

Van Raam E-Bike app

E-Bike app Rickshaw Chat transport bike Van Raam
Are you already using the Van Raam E-Bike app?
OPair wheelchair bike rear based on Chat Van Raam
Rolstoelfiets OPair

Experience of other bikes used for Chat

Although the Chat is a new bicycle in the Van Raam range, this transport bicycle has several similarities with existing Van Raam bicycles. The rearof the Chat is based on the OPair wheelchair bike, which has been appreciated for year.

Dutch Design

Whoever cycles on the Chat, cycles on a fine example of Dutch Design. Both the design and the production of the Chat takes place entirely in the Netherlands. To be precise,in the Van Raam bicycle factory in Varsseveld. Van Raam develops and produces its special needs bicycles entirely in-house. If some parts are available and if they are very good, we use them. But we develop all other specific things that should be better than everything that is already out there.

Rickshaw Chat transport bike test ride Van Raam

Chat rickshaw transport bike

Have you become enthusiastic about the functional riding characteristics of the Chat, ​after reading this article? You ca come and visit our showroom in Varsseveld and discover the many benefits of this beautiful social bicycle through a free test ride!

For a test ride in your area, we advice you to look for a Van Raam dealer in your area.

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