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Customer experience OPair wheelchair trike - Ford Family

Customer experience OPair wheelchair trike Ford Family
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United States

Van Raam dealer Bike-On from the United States checks in on a local family in Rhode Island that has been using the OPair wheelchair trike for over a year. The Ford family is a real biking family and son Jack joins them in the OPair. In this customer experience, Meghan Ford answers some questions such as: Why did they choose the OPair wheelchair trike? And how has it changed their lives? Watch the video below.

OPair wheelchair bike
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Pedal assist, Divisible frame, Belt
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Has the wheelchair trike made a difference?

Meghan: "Yes, it's made a great difference because we've been able to plan trips that are so different than we ever planned before. We don't have to think about our destination now. If we end up somewhere and we want to walk around or we want to go do something or get something to eat, we can unhook the front half of the wheelchair trike and we can push Jack around, which is great. Jack is comfortable and happy in the seat of the OPair. It can be a long distance and he's content with that. He's safe, he's happy and so far the distances are easier than they used to be. Jack can sit in the OPair for hours and be comfortable and strapped in well. The straps really work as they should."

So you feel safe?

Meghan: "Yes, absolutely. We had been in need of better, more suitable bike for Jack for years. We had always been looking for something that would fit our needs as a family, but also work for him. The size of the wheelchair trike and the fact that we can use it for years and years was piece of it. But also the adaptability of being able to un-attach the trike and use it as a wheelchair for when we ride to a destination was the other piece that really sold us on it."

What's great about this particular trike?

Meghan: "I love that it has a battery to help me go long distance! Haha. I love that Jack is part of a group outing and he's biking with his family like everyone else. I love that he's in front of me and feeling like he's kind of on his own bike instead of riding behind and being pulled.

And backing up is really convenient. You can pedal backwards so that you can back up if you need to reverse or if you need to turn around, you can do a three-point turn.

And the OPair wheelchair trike is very stable. It's comfortable for me and it feels secure and sturdy. I know that for Jack his seat is safe and the buckles and the attachments that we could use to make it fit him perfectly are ideal. It's lasted, it's great, it doesn't feel any more worn... it's definitely seeming brand new still. We haven't had any concerns with its wear and tear. Sometimes I wonder "Oh gosh, that was a big bump", but it's fine. We've been on bike paths, we've been on rocky paths, it handles all surfaces and it's not showing any signs of wear and tear."

OPair wheelchair trike Ford family

Ford Family - Rhode Island (USA)
Bike: OPair wheelchair trike | Van Raam dealer: Bike-On (USA)

Pros & cons
  • Option to use the wheelchair separately
  • Pedal assist for long distances
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Riding backwards is easy
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