The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike with unique riding characteristics


Unique riding characteristics of the VeloPlus wheelchair bike

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The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike with unique riding characteristics

Van Raam's VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike has been developed to transport people in their own wheelchairs. The wheelchair can be easily pushed and fastened on the tiltable platform of the bike. Are you curious about the other unique riding characteristics of the VeloPlus? Then read on.

Unique riding characteristics of the VeloPlus

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike allows a driver to cycle together with someone who remains in their own manual wheelchair. This means that no transfer is required between the wheelchair and the bicycle, and the wheelchair passenger has their own wheelchair with them all the time. Read all about this and other unique riding characteristics of the VeloPlus below.

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike with unique riding characteristics

1. Tiltable ramp for wheelchair

The VeloPlus has a tiltable ramp that makes it easy to roll your wheelchair onto and you can secure your wheelchair on the ramp. This can be done without being lifted. The low position of the wheelchair on the bike makes the ride easier and gives a lower centre of gravity. Optionally, you can equip the bicycle with a winch system. Instead of the driver using his or her own strength to push the wheelchair user, including the wheelchair, onto the platform or off it, the electric winch takes over.

Placing a wheelchair on the bike

A wheelchair can easily be wheeled on the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

2. Hip belt for wheelchair user

As mentioned above, you can secure the wheelchair on the platform with the wheelchair lock. In addition, the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike has a hip belt that you can use to secure the wheelchair and the wheelchair user, for extra safety.

3. Widely placed and extra-steering front-wheels

The widely placed and extra steered front-wheels ensure a reduced turning radius and stability. This makes cycling on the wheelchair bike easy.

You can secure the wheelchair on the VeloPlus with the wheelchair lock

4. VeloPlus electric wheelchair transport bike

The VeloPlus can be optionally equipped with an electric engine and comfortable pedal support. This makes cycling with the wheelchair transport bike even easier. If you choose this option, the VeloPlus will be delivered as a Smart E-bike with the Van Raam app. This allows you to benefit from many extras, such as information about the battery and the location of your bike in the app. Read more about the Van Raam Smart E-Bike on the Van Raam App page.

Pedal support

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike with electric pedal support

Configure your own VeloPlus

Van Raam offers the opportunity to configure your own bicycle in a few easy steps. In the bicycle configurator, you can choose various options including the winch system and pedal support. Read in the article "Create your own Van Raam bicycle with the bicycle configurator" how the configurator works.

Configure your bike

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View the VeloPlus in 360 degrees

On the VeloPlus product page, it is possible to view the wheelchair transport bike in 360 degrees. This allows you to take a good look at the bike from all sides.

VeloPlus product page

View the VeloPlus wheelchair bike in 360 degrees


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