inner leg length for adapted van raam bikes


Inner leg length for adapted Van Raam bikes

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inner leg length for adapted van raam bikes

If you are looking for a customized Van Raam bicycle and you are looking for information, you will often find technical terms and data. Such a term is also the inner leg length. In this article you will learn why the inner leg length is important for an adapted bike, how you can measure it and where you can find the information on our Van Raam bicycles.

Adapted bikes at Van Raam

For more than 100 years we have been making sure that people can ride bicycles. The adapted bikes are produced on demand and according to your needs. Before your bicycle is produced, a free test ride is an important factor. You can do this for free at Van Ram in Varsseveld, at our Van Raam experience center Germany South, or at a dealer. Hereby, your inner leg length already plays a role in finding the right bicycle for you. Read below what the inside leg length is.

What is the inside leg length?

The inner leg length also called inside leg is the most important parameter to determine the frame height and seat height of the bicycle. In the exemplary illustration of the Maxi tricycle you can see dimensions. For the length "d" that goes from the saddle to the pedals, your inner leg length is necessary. It is important to find the right frame size. That way the right posture and pedal movement can be created.

Maxi tricycle dimensions Van Raam

How do I measure my inner leg length?

You measure your inner leg length by measuring the length from the crotch to the ground. Your feet must stand flat on the floor at a distance of about 15 cm. Measure this length with shoes on your feet.

The inner leg length for Van Raam bicycle

Many Van Raam bicycles are available in a larger or smaller frame height. These include the tricycles MiniMidiMaxiMaxi Comfort, the City walking aid, the Balance with a low entry and the tandems KivoKivo PlusTwinny and Twinny Plus.

On other bikes such as the side by side tandems Fun2GoFunTrain, the scooter bike Easy Go as well as the tricycles Easy Rider, Easy Rider CompactEasy Rider SmallEasy Sport, Easy Sport Small the wheelchair bikes and the Chat the frame height is widely adjustable. If you are on the product page of a bicycle, you can find the required inner leg length under the heading "Specifications".

Good to know: The Easy Rider adult tricycle is also available in an extended version for taller people. Read more in our article: 'Extended and reinforced bicycle frames for Van Raam bikes‘.

If your inner leg length differs from leg to leg, we offer different options to compensate this. For example with a 'crank shortener'. If you have had a leg amputation, it is also possible to ride a bicycle with a stationary crank.

inner leg length for adapted van raam bikes
How do I measure my inner leg length?
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