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Cycling with COPD lung condition

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Cycling with COPD

More than 251 million people worldwide suffer from COPD. COPD is a general term for lung diseases characterized by narrowing of the airways. This leads to symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing and/or mucus dissolution. Breathing is not a matter of course for this group of people. Enough exercise, such as cycling, is good for everyone, but essential for people with COPD.

Exercise improves your condition and makes you as a COPD patient less susceptible to a pulmonary infarction. Exercise trains your muscles and keeps you in better shape. This means that you are less tired and recover faster from the flu. The movement trains the muscles and gradually requires less oxygen. The European Respiratory Society, ERS recommends training three to five times a week for 20 to 60 minutes each. Numerous studies in recent years have shown that people with lung diseases can also benefit from sport or regular exercise.

Doing sports with COPD

A lot of patients ask themselves "Can you do sports with COPD?" The answer is clear, yes! There are even optimised offers for people with lung conditions. In addition to doing sports in organised groups, individually practised endurance sports such as cycling are also good for lung patients.

A generally positive effect on the fitness can be determined by sporty activity. Regular training increases and improves oxygen intake and heart rate as well as fitness and cardiovascular system. They also suffered less from shortness of breath under stress. However, the lung function values did not improve. Read also for this the article '10 reasons why cycling is healthy'.

Van Raam Cycling with COPD

Cycling with COPD on a Van Raam bike 

Cycling is not only healthy, but also important for people with COPD. Our specially developed bicycles can also be equipped with our special and specially designed electric pedal support, the Silent System. The almost noiseless motor is very powerful and can thus optimally relieve them. In addition, you can adjust the support individually to your needs and even effortlessly roll off with the jump start to park backwards without dismounting.
Learn more about how you can be mobile with COPD and how to get from A to B. Take a look at some suitable bikes from our assortment below.


The Maxi tricycle is a trendy design tricycle for adults who have problems with their balance. The bike offers stability and safety when cycling. This easy-running tricycle makes getting on and off the bike easy. The bike is available in many different colors and can be equipped with various options such as stick holder, baskets, mirror and flashing light.

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Maxi tricycle Cycling with COPD lung condition Van Raam
Maxi tricycle

Easy Rider

The Easy Rider is a tricycle for adults that differs significantly from other traditional tricycles. The bike's unique frame ensures low entry and a stable seating position. The forward movement of the pedal and the suspension in the frame ensure perfect riding comfort. The special bike position reduces strain on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists. Almost everyone simply rides away with this tricycle without getting used to it.

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Easy Rider tricycle Cycling with COPD lung condition Van Raam
Easy Rider tricycle


The duo bicycle Fun2Go is a three-wheeled tandem in which the users sit next to each other. One person steers and both can pedal. Without climbing, the riders can sit next to each other on the bike. Both people have a good view of the road and the surroundings and can communicate well with each other because they sit next to each other and not behind each other as in a traditional tandem. With the optional shift hub, the driver can decide whether and how the front passenger rides along.

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Fun2Go duo bike Cycling with COPD lung condition Van Raam
Fun2Go duo bicycle

Easy Go

The Easy Go electric tricycle is a unique product. This bike is a very agile, compact electric tricycle that can be used in three different ways. You can ride it like a normal bike, you pedal with the electric pedal assistance or you ride with the throttle, which you can operate with your thumb, just like a mobility scooter. This scooter can be driven at different speeds. The Easy Go drives both forwards and backwards electrically. The Easy Go does not require a driver's license or other qualifications to ride the bike.

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Easy Go scooter bike Cycling with COPD lung condition Van Raam
EasyGo electric tricycle

Walking aid

The City walking aid is suitable for people who have difficulty walking or cannot stand for long. The body weight is carried by the saddle of the walking aid, which relieves the legs. This reduces the walking effort considerably so that longer distances can be covered. In addition, this walking aid is foldable and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry in a car, train, bus or plane.

View City walking aid

City walking aid Cycling with COPD lung condition Van Raam
City walking aid

Try out Van Raam's custom bikes

Would you like to try out one of our adapted bikes but Dusseldorf is not just around the corner? No problem! At Van Raam it is also possible to arrange test rides with a dealer in you area!

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