cycling with polyneuropathy on an van raam bicycle


Cycling with polyneuropathy

Van Raam
cycling with polyneuropathy on an van raam bicycle

For people with polyneuropathy, it is important to keep exercising as much as possible. For example, by cycling or walking for half an hour a day. This will keep you fit and strong. Read more about this condition and about the use of Van Raam bicycles with polyneuropathy in this article.

Exercise with polyneuropathy

Exercise is good for everyone, enough exercise keeps you fit longer and you are less likely to get tired. For people with polyneuropathy it is therefore important to keep exercising, as much as possible. What kind of exercise is still possible differs from person to person. Take your condition into account and respect your own limits. It is wise to always consult with your specialist or doctor.

cycling with polyneuropathy on an adapted bicycle

Cycling with polyneuropathy on an adapted bicycle

Staying active with polyneuropathy by cycling has several advantages. For example, it provides relaxation and reduces the risk of other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. Want to know more benefits why cycling is so healthy? Then read the article '10 reasons why cycling is healthy'.

Adapted bicycles from Van Raam

Van Raam has several types of bicycles in its assortment that may be suitable for people with polyneuropathy. We have bikes for one person including: tricycles, low entry bikes, a walking aid and a mobility scooter bike. In addition, we also have bikes for cycling together, these are: tandems, wheelchair bikes, a side-by-side tandem and a rickshaw bike. See below the different categories. Click on the button underneath the category to go to the overview page of the category concerned.

  • adapted bicycles for polyneuropathy


    Tricycles are a good and safe alternative for persons who can no longer cycle on a regular two-wheeler. Tricycles offer extra support and stability while cycling.

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  • van raam wheelchair bikes veloplus and opair for polyneuropathy

    Wheelchair bikes

    Van Raam has two types of wheelchair bikes. The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike (in wich the passenger can remain seated in their own wheelchair) and the OPair wheelchair bike.

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  • van raam tandems for persons with polyneuropathy


    Van Raam's tandems can be used to cycle together with someone with polyneuropathy. We have two wheel tandems and three wheel tandems in our assortment.

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  • van raam side by side tandem for people with polyneuropathy

    Side-by-side tandems

    The Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is a duobike on which you sit next to each other. It is also possible to cycle with four people on a side-by-side tandem, by connecting a FunTrain behind the Fun2Go.

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  • van raam low entry bicycles for people with polyneuropathy

    Low entry bikes

    Van Raam has 2 low entry bicycles. The Balance two wheel bike and the Maxi Comfort three wheel bike. On these bikes you can reach the ground with both feet without getting off.

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  • van raam city walking aid for persons with polyneuropathy

    Walking aid

    The walking aid is suitable for people who have difficulty walking or standing for long periods. The body weight is carried by the saddle of the walking aid, this relieves the leg joints.

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  • van raam mobility scooter bike for persons with polyneuropathy

    Scooter bike

    The Easy Go scooter bike is a; bike, electric bike and mobility scooter in one. The mobility scooter bike is suitable for people with different energy levels.

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  • van raam rickshaw bike for persons with polyneuropathy

    Rickshaw bike

    The Chat is a rickshaw bike by Van Raam that can transport two people. The bicycle is suitable for people who can no longer independently participate in traffic.

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Testing a Van Raam bicycle

Do you want to cycle again with polyneuropathy? Test out several Van Raam bicycles during a test ride and see which one suits you best. Make an appointment at the Van Raam showroom in Varsseveld, or at one of our dealers, and receive expert advice without obligation. In addition, you can try out a bicycle outside on the test track.

Plan a test ride

What is polyneuropathy?

Polyneuropathy is a muscle disease. With polyneuropathy, the ends of the nerves in arms and legs are affected. Polyneuropathy means that the nerves in multiple (poly = many) places in the body are affected. Muscles and sensation then no longer function as they should. Complaints arising from polyneuropathy may include: numbness, tingling, changed sensation, pain, balance disorders, cramps, thinning of muscles and weakness. (Source: Muscular diseases Netherlands - Spierziekten Nederland)

van raam cycling for polyneuropathy

Types of polyneuropathy

  • Demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIPD) in which the insulating sheath of the nerves in arms and legs become damaged. The nerves can no longer properly transmit signals from the brain to the muscles and from the skin to the brain. The consequences are symptoms of paralysis in arms and legs.

  • Guillain-Barré syndrome, is a disorder of the nerves outside the central nervous system: the motor nerves that run from the spinal cord to the muscles and the sensory nerves that go from the skin, joints and muscles to the spinal cord. People can be completely paralyzed from one moment to the next as a result.

  • Miller Fisher-syndrome, is a rare variant of Guillain-Barré syndrome in which there is usually a combination of double vision, balance problems when walking and the absence of tendon reflexes.

adapted bicycles for polyneuropathy
  • Multifocal motor neuropathy (MMN), is a muscle disease more common among men than women. The muscles slowly lose their strength, causing people to become increasingly limited. The muscles also become thinner.

  • MGUS-polyneuropathy, is a chronic disorder in which the body's immune system attacks the nerves, instead of harmful bacteria and viruses.  

  • CIAP, is a condition of the nerves that leads to a reduction or change in sensation and a failure or inadequate functioning of muscles. The condition is chronic and one deteriorates slowly.

(Source: Muscular diseases Netherlands - Spierziekten Nederland)

Customer experience

Leo Kostwinder has been a diabetic for over 30 years and was diagnosed with progressive polyneuropathy in 2016. Since then, he is unable to ride a regular bicycle and uses an Easy Rider tricycle. Read his customer experience below.

customer experience tricycle easy rider leo kostwinder
8 / 10
User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Leo Kostwinder
My name is Leo Kostwinder (64) and I live in Zwolle, the Netherlands. I have been a diabetes patient for over 30 years and in early 2016 I was diagnosed with progressive polyneuropathy *. Since then I am no longer allowed to drive or cycle. This news was difficult at the time, because as a hobby I regularly cycled tours with my racing bike. In addition, I went fishing occasionally. Because of my condition, I stopped working in April 2018.
Read this customer experience

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