electric mobility in numbers worldwide


Bicycle traffic is changing, and Van Raam is right with it

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electric mobility in numbers worldwide

Bicycles are environmentally friendly transport vehicles. They can transport both people and goods. This is also becoming increasingly important to ensure sustainable transport. Find out what the world does to improve this even more and get to know to some interesting facts and figures. Find out more about sustainable transport and cargo bikes.

Cycling worldwide

There are approximately more than one billion bikes in the world. Back in the day in 1965,world production of cars and bikes was essentially the same, with each at nearly 20 million, but with the year of 2003 bike production had climbed to over 100 million per year compared with 42 million cars. (Source: WorldWatch Institute). This makes a rise in the past 20 years of 68%. China is the biggest producer of bicycles but the city’s of Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Utrecht make the top three of the most bike friendly cities. Also, the rest of the top 10 of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world are all in Europe. In the united states of America, between 15 and 20 million units of bicycles are sold every Year. (Source:  Statista) 
A Secretary of Transport in Germany said that his plan is to build 20 connections of bicycle fast lanes by 2030. "Pedelecs should also encourage more people to travel by bike instead of by car" (Source: SWR)

"[...] get more people to travel by bike instead of by car"

Electric mobility in numbers worldwide

Van Raam Electromobility

The increasingly present topic of electromobility is making it more attractive for more and more people. However, at the same time it also creates many challenges around the topics of the different types of mobility, the expansion of the infrastructure thus also the financing, read also the Van Raam tips to collect money for an adapted bicycle to learn more about it.

The e-bike market has grown in recent years, take a look at some interesting figures worldwide:

  • 4.400.000, is the number of all E bikes on German roads at the end of 2018 (S: ZIV)

  • 9.800, is the annual energy yield in kWh (SolaRoad) of a 70-metre cycle path consisting of solar cells in the Netherlands.

  • 31.700.000, is the number of e-bikes sold worldwide in 2014 (S: ElektroBike)

  • 39.200, the number of E-load wheels sold in Germany in 2018 (+161 % compared to 2017, S: ZIV)

  • 2.600,000, the number of e-bikes sold in Europe in 2018 (+23 % compared to 2017, forecast: ZIV)


Participating in traffic with adapted bicycles

Are you wondering what it is like to ride an adapted bicycle in the constantly growing traffic? Now we have compiled for you a number of experiences of consumers who participate with an adaptive bike participating in traffic.

With an adaptive bike participating in traffic

Van Raam – Let’s all Cycle

Van Raam is a manufacturer of special needs bikes, and the specialties of Van Raam are tricyclesscooter bikestandemsside-by-side tandemswheelchair bikestransport bikeswalking aids and bikes with low access or comfort bikes. The unique Van Raam pedal support is possible on most of these special need’s bicycles. Van Raam bicycles travel the world, with a focus on almost all European countries and North America.

The Van Raam mission is to offer sustainable and contemporary mobility to people with a disability. And the vision is: If people with a disability can be mobile and independent for a longer time, they are happier. Van Raam wants to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities in society. Let's all cycle! Learn more about the special need’s bikes in the following.

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