what is a transport bike veloplus wheelchair bike


What is a cargo bike?

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what is a transport bike veloplus wheelchair bike

A cargo bike can be used to transport goods or people. Van Raam has several cargo bikes in its assortment that can be used to transport people. Read more about these bikes in this article.

A cargo bike

The name says it all, on a transport bike cargo can be transported. These can be goods, but also people. For example, bicycle couriers usually use cargo bikes, also known as transport bikes. It is an environmentally friendly way of delivering goods and people.

Van Raam cargo bikes

Van Raam's cargo bikes are used to transport children or adults who cannot or do not want to participate in traffic independently. On a cargo bike they can enjoy their bike ride in the open air, without having to cycle themselves. Van Raam has 2 wheelchair bikes and a rickshaw bike in its assortment that can transport people. Read more about these bikes later in this article.

van raam what are cargo bikes

Benefits of a cargo bike

  • Environmentally friendly way of transportation
  • Cargo bikes can be used up close to the final destination
  • Driver and passenger(s) can enjoy a bike ride together
  • There is social contact between the people
  • Meets all legal (safety) requirements

VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

On the VeloPlus you can transport people that remain seated in their own wheelchair. The wheelchair with the passenger can easily be driven onto the tiltable platform in front of the bike without any great effort. The wheelchair is safely secured on the bike with a wheelchair locking mechanism and a seat belt. The low centre of gravity and the wide wheelbase in the front give the bike its stability. This makes the bike an ideal solution for making bike rides with wheelchair users.

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what is a transport bike veloplus wheelchair bike

OPair wheelchair bike

On the OPair wheelchair bike, the passenger can sit in the seat at the front of the bike. The depth of the seat and the backrest can be adjusted to the passenger. It is also possible to have a seat for children mounted on the OPair, or to have your own seat. The driver of the bike has a good overview of both the passenger and the road. The passenger can enjoy the unobstructed view and also communicate well with the driver.

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what is a transport bike opair wheelchair bike

Chat rickshaw transport bike

The Chat is a bicycle in which one or two passengers can be transported in the ergonomic seat at the front of the bicycle. The driver sits behind them and has a good view of the passengers and the traffic. As the name suggests, people on the Chat can chat with each other during a bike ride. The rickshaw bike is suitable for people who are no longer able to cycle independently, but still want to make a bike ride.

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what is a transport bike chat rickshaw bike

Electric cargo bike

The Chat rickshaw bike is fitted with electric pedal assistance as standard. The OPair and VeloPlus wheelchair bikes can also be equipped with optional pedal assistance. The Silent system was developed specifically by and for Van Raam. The system is easy to use and makes cycling easier. Read more about the Silent system in the article '6 benefits of pedal assistance on an adapted bicycle.

More about pedal assistance

what is an e cargo bike with van raam pedal assistance

Customer experiences cargo bikes

Van Raam regularly receives reviews from Van Raam bicycle users. Read below some customer experiences about our cargo bikes.

Customer experience wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus Van Raam Toon Lepoutre and Joyce Leeftink
10 / 10
Customer experience wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus - Toon & Joyce
Last week Toon and Joyce came to visit us and they made a successfull test ride with the wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus. They liked the bike so much, that they will soon get their own bike. We wish that Toon and Joyce will make a lot of beautiful bike rides with the VeloPlus and we hope that they can enjoy it for a long time! Read the first experiences of Joyce and Toon below.
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Customer experience OPair wheelchair bicycle - Family Brandt
9 / 10
Customer experience OPair wheelchair bicycle - Family Brandt
Unfortunately Niklas cannot ride a bike on his own, but with the OPair wheelchair bike he can once again go on bike tours with the whole family. Read more about this experience and watch the pictures around videos of the family.
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User experience rickshaw bike Chat - Debbeshoek Azora
9 / 10
User experience rickshaw bike Chat - Debbeshoek Azora
In September 2019, residential care centre and nursing home Debbeshoek Azora in Ulft experienced the Chat rickshaw bike for a week. The reason why this handy transport bike was delivered to the residential care centre was due to a photo shoot of the Chat that had taken place a few months earlier. During this photo shoot, two older ladies who had been friends for years became true models for a day and were allowed to go out with a professional photographer and a team of Van Raam. Cintha Peters, group supervisor DOS, day care and team welfare, wrote down the experiences of the residents on behalf of Debbeshoek.
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