Sneak preview of the Van Raam bicycle factory


Sneak preview of the Van Raam bicycle factory

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Sneak preview of the Van Raam bicycle factory

Van Raam is manufacturer of special needs bicycles. But what does Van Raam actually look like and how are the special needs bicycles being made? Take a look inside Van Raam with the sneak preview!

Van Raam special needs bicycles

Van Raam is located in a new and sustainable bicycle factory in Varsseveld since the beginning of 2019. This bicycle factory produces unique special needs bicycles for its end users. The bicycles in the Van Raam product range can be divided into several categories:

  1. Tricycles for adults and for children

  2. Low step through bikes

  3. Wheelchair bikes

  4. Tandems

  5. Side-by-side tandems

  6. Transport bikes

  7. The scooter bike

  8. The walking aid

tricycles in Van Raam product range
Some tricycles from the Van Raam product range.

Each bicycle is unique because of the many options and accessories that can be chosen and each model has its own advantages for the user. Whether you’re insecure while cycling, have balance problems or have a disability that makes cycling on a conventional two-wheel bike no longer a matter of course, Van Raam can help. Van Raam tries to find a suitable bicycle for everyone, so that they can ride a one-person bike themselves or enjoy a nice bike ride together with someone on a multi-person bike. During a free test ride, you can cycle on the test track and together with the technical advisors you can find out which Van Raam bike is suitable for your situation. Is there no suitable bicycle in the current product range? Then Van Raam will look for a ‘Van Raam special’, a bicycle specially designed for the needs of the user. Van Raam wants to give everyone the chance to cycle again: Let’s all cycle!

The Van Raam bicycle factory

A lot is happening in Van Raam’s bicycle factory. Because in addition to the production, innovation is also important. Read all about the innovation at Van Raam on the innovation page.

Every day, more than 180 employees are working to ensure that special needs bicycles are produced. As you can imagine, this involves a whole process: there are many steps between  the first idea of a new bicycle at the Research & Development department and the user himself sitting on the bicycle. Do you want to know what these steps are? See all about it on the page ‘How we make bikes’ or click on the button.

Van Raam bike production

Sneak preview of the Van Raam bicycle factory

Sneak preview of the bicycle factory

In the sneak preview below, you can see a teaser that makes it possible to look inside Van Raam’s bicycle factory. This teaser will give you a small impression of what happens in the factory every day.

Van Raam corporate movie

Have you become curious because of the sneak preview and do you want to know more about Van Raam? Then watch the new company movie by clicking on the button.

Van Raam corporate movie

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