New showroom Van Raam Guldenweg 23 Varsseveld


Van Raam special needs bikes available worldwide

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New showroom Van Raam Guldenweg 23 Varsseveld

On the website an article has been posted about Van Raam, manufacturer of special needs bikes. The title of the article is ‘Van Raam makes customization available worldwide’. In the article is stated that the unique Van Raam special needs bikes are available both in the Netherlands and abroad. We provide a brief summary of the article.

Unique special needs bikes

Van Raam produces bicycles for people with a disability or for people who want to feel safer and more stable while cycling. In the showroom from Van Raam are all special needs bikes available: tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandems, duo bikes, the scootmobile bike and so on. This immediately shows that Van Raam is a manufacturer of special needs bikes. People come to the showroom in Varsseveld from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium and Germany. This is because they want to speak to the manufacturer themselves, despite the fact that they can only purchase a special needs bike through the dealer.

The start of Van Raam

Van Raam was founded in 1900 and taken over by Piet Boezel in 1984. Since the acquisition, the company has been producing unique special needs bikes. This is because a friend of Piet Boezel has had a brain disease and asked for a tricycle. In the bicycle factory, everything is produced in-house compared to many other bicycle factories.

Worldwide available

Van Raam is growing especially abroad. A lot of work is done with countries within Europe, but there is also export to countries such as Chile, Dubai and Brazil. A number of European countries already have their own dealer network and in the other countries they work with distributors.

Article Van Raam special needs bike available worldwide

New building

The company continued to grow and it therefore had to relocate a number of times because the bicycle factory became too small. A new factory was built in 2018 and was put into operation at the end of that year. The new factory has a production area of 14,000 m2 and there is also an option on the ground next to the factory.

Custom built

Every bicycle consists of customization, because every customer is different. Because of this, every bike is unique. The end users know that Van Raam stands for quality, which means that prices are increasingly being accepted.

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New showroom Van Raam Guldenweg 23 Varsseveld


The market for special needs bikes is still growing because of the aging. The aging population is expected to rise until 2040. Because people want to stay mobile and the adapted bicycles are increasingly accepted, Van Raam sees the future positively.


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