Van Raam adapted bikes for cities in Germany


Van Raam adapted bikes for cities in Germany

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Van Raam adapted bikes for cities in Germany

Money was raised for eight different cities respectively municipalities to use adapted electric bikes, like the ones from Van Raam, in social institutions. Find out more about this project, which Van Raam special bikes were involved and to which cities the bikes will go.

Accessible E-Vehicles for the 8Plus Region

The project "Barrierefreie E-Fahrzeuge für die 8Plus Region im Kreis Warendorf" (engl.: Accessible e-vehicles for the 8Plus Region in the District of Warendorf, Germany) is from the support programme VITAL.NRW of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture in NRW.

Since 2017, 20 e-bikes have already been funded via VITAL.NRW. The e-bikes are located in the 8 municipalities and will be used by social institutions such as nursing homes, care facilities or for tourism in the respective towns/municipalities.

The purchase of these bikes is financed by subsidies, donations and personal contributions.
At a small event, the adapted electric bicycles were handed over to the cities and municipalities. Watch the video below for impressions of the handover. 

van raam adapted bikes for cities in germany

Video: Handing over of Van Raam electric adapted bikes

Van Raam electric adapted bikes for 8 German cities

Among other adapted bikes, the following Van Raam special bikes were handed over:

  • The Chat Rickshaw bike,

  • ​the VeloPlus wheelchair bike and

  • the Fun2Go duo bike

Read more about the bikes below.

The Chat rickshaw bicycle

Four of the Van Raam Chat rickshaw bikes were handed over. The rickshaw bicycle Chat, which is also the winner of the Eurobike Gold Award, is used to ride a bicycle together with people who can no longer participate in traffic independently. A pilot rides with one or two passengers on this rickshaw bike. The Chat offers people the opportunity to talk to each other, to Chat(ten). The two passengers sit next to each other at the front in a specially designed cockpit where design and ergonomics come together. The driver sits behind this cockpit and thus has a good overview of the road and the bicycle, but also of the passengers. The Chat rickshaw transport bike comes standard with our electric pedal assist.

Read more about this bike on the Chat product page.

Chat rickshaw bicycle

Van Raam electric chat rickshaw adapted bikes for cities in Germany

The VeloPlus wheelchair bicycle

Two of the Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bicycles were handed over. The VeloPlus is a wheelchair transport bike. With this model wheelchair bicycle, the passenger can remain seated in his or her own wheelchair. Just about any hand-moved wheelchair can be very quickly and easily pushed onto the tiltable platform of the wheelchair bike by a single person and secured there. The wheelchair can be positioned on the bicycle without much effort or transfer, making it very suitable for residential homes or institutions. The wide and extra steerable front wheels ensure a shorter turning circle and stability. The VeloPlus wheelchair bicycle is available with various options, including pedal assistance or the cable winch system.

Read more about the VeloPlus on the product page.

VeloPlus wheelchair bike

Van Raam electric special bikes veloplus wheelchair bike for cities in Germany

The Fun2Go duo bike

Two of the Fun2Go duo bicycles tandem were handed over at the event. The Fun2Go duo bike or side-by-side tandeme is a 3-wheeled bike from Van Raam. What is special about this is that you sit side by side instead of behind each other, so you can both communicate well and have a good view. The Fun2Go is often equipped with an electric motor so that you can also ride with pedal assistance, making cycling even more comfortable. On the Fun2Go duo bike, one person is 100% responsible for steering and braking the bike. The passenger next to the rider can pedal, but not steer or brake.

The Fun2Go can be extended with all kinds of options and accessories, such as pedal support, a rotating seat, belts or a protection screen.

Read more about the Fun2Go on the product page.

Fun2Go duo bike

Van Raam electric adapted bikes fun2go duo bike for cities in Germany

Unique pedal assist

The Chat is equipped with the unique and award-winning pedal assist as standard. However, the VeloPlus wheelchair bike and Fun2Go Duo bike can also be optionally equipped with the pedal assist to make the riding experience even more enjoyable.

Do you choose the electric pedal assistance? Then your bike will be delivered as a Smart E-Bike. This allows you to view a lot of information about your battery and your Smart e-bike from a distance. With the Van Raam e-bike app, in addition to viewing cycling routes, you can also experience the following benefits, among others.

Electrical pedal support or other options for a Van Raam adapted bike
  • Smart e-bike with smartphone app
  • Receive push notifications about your bike
  • Easy to use
  • Find your bike
  • 3 assistance modes + start assistance/start control
  • Nearly silent but powerful and safe electric motors
  • Modern and efficient electronics
  • Customisable assistance
  • Cycling forwards and backwards

Read more about the Van Raam Smart E-Bike on our  Van Raam App page.

More about the Smart E-Bike

Tips for buying an adapted bike

The support group was able to purchase bicycles because of various funding support. Read more tips on how to raise money for a special bike in the article "Tips to raise money for an adapted bike". We also give you handy tips on how to get a Van Raam special bike in the article "How to order an adapted Van Raam bike" and video.

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