Tips cycling in winter Van Raam bicycle


7 tips for cycling in winter

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Tips cycling in winter Van Raam bicycle

Cycling in winter is often dark, cold and slippery. Because of this, it can also be dangerous. Therefore it is important to be prepared. In this article we give you 7 winter cycling tips for cycling with your Van Raam bicycle.

Tip 1: Dress warmly

Cycling in cold weather is not always pleasant. That's why it's important to dress warmly, preferably with several layers of clothing. A good winter jacket, gloves, scarf, hat and socks over the ankles. This ensures that your body not only stays warm, but also dry. With the gloves, make sure you can still brake and shift properly. And if you are in motion for a moment, you will cycle yourself warm again!

Tip 2: Be visible

Bike lights are important for your safety and the safety of others. In the winter months it's often dark. It's then pleasant for yourself if you can see your surroundings well. Especially if you cycle at high speeds, for example if you have an e-bike. It's even more important that other road users can see you well, so that you don't endanger others. So make sure your bike lights are working properly.

Tips for cycling in the dark

Tips cycling in winter Van Raam bicycle

Did you know?

On a Van Raam bicycle with pedal assistance, the lights go on automatically when you turn on the electrical system.

Electrical system

Tip 3: Pay extra attention to your bike battery

Cycling in the cold? Then a battery needs more attention. Make sure the battery is not left in a cold environment for too long. Finished your bike ride? Remove the battery from your bicycle and store it inside. Read more tips for the optimal battery performance of your electric Van Raam bike here.

Tip 4: Studded tires

Many people use winter tires for their cars. But what about wintertires for a bicycle? At Van Raam we don't have special bicycle winter tires, but we do have a tire with extra profile and therefore more grip: the studded tire. This tire is very suitable for cycling in different weather conditions such as rain and snow. The studded tire is currently only available for the Easy Rider tricycle.

Studded tires

Cycling in winter Easy Rider tricycle studded tires Van Raam

The studded tread is made so that you can cycle on different terrains and in different weather conditions in a pleasant and safe way.

Tip 5: Moderate your speed

Wetness, leaves, frost and snow guarantee slippery roads. It is therefore important to watch your speed while cycling. Especially with an e-bike. Pay extra attention while cornering, where you have less grip.

Tip 6: Maintain your bicycle

Besides taking good care of yourself, you should also take good care of your bike. Clean your bicycle, clean and lubricate your bicycle chain and have your Van Raam bicycle checked regularly by the dealer. Cycling on dusty roads means a lot of salt and dirty water on the parts of your bike. This accelerates rusting and can cause damage to your bicycle. So make sure you clean your bike after bike riding in cold weather.

Tips for maintenance

Tip 7: Think of the benefits

When winter comes, many people take the car or the train. Understandable, because cycling in coldweather is not always fun. Yet cycling in winter also has many advantages. If you take the bike, you don't have to scrape your car, wait for the train and you're not stuck in traffic all the time. As a cyclist it is quiet on the road and you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the winter days. Cycling is healthy! When you go cycling in the cold, you get more fresh air (good for the airways, brain, blood pressure and heart rate) and your body has to work harder so you warm up faster and burn more calories.

Why cycling is healthy

Cycling in cold weather cycling is healthy Van Raam

Van Raam cyclists in the winter

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