Van Raam electric transport bike for passenger transport

Are you looking for an electric transport bike for transporting people? Then you've come to the right place at Van Raam. We have several electric transport bikes. Check them out in this article.

Van Raam electric transport bike for passenger transport
from left to right: OPair and VeloPlus wheelchair bikes and Chat rickshaw bike

Electric transport bikes from Van Raam

Van Raam is a manufacturer of adapted bicycles. We offer a solution for people with mobility restrictions to cycle on their own (again), or together with a companion. In addition, we also produce transport bikes for transporting people. These are a rickshaw bike and two types of wheelchair bikes. Our (electric) transport bikes have several advantages:

  • They can be used right up to their final destination
  • There is social contact between the people
  • You are not dependent on third parties for transportation
  • Transport bikes are environmentally friendly
  • Meets all legal (safety) requirements


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Van Raam electric transport bike rickshaw chat

Chat rickshaw electric transport bike

The Chat is a rickshaw electric transport bike on which one driver can transport one or two people in the front of the bike. The passengers are seated in an ergonomic and suspended tub that is fitted with seatbelts. The driver is seated behind them and therefore has a good overview of both the passengers and the road.

As the name suggests, people can comfortably have a chat while out on a cycling tour.

  • The bike has pedal assist (Smart E-Bike) by default
  • A comfortable and safe seat on the front with seatbelts
  • Easy to get on and off due to the retracting footrest
  • Cheaper than transportation by bus or taxi
  • Very easy to drive


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Van Raam wheelchair bikes

With Van Raam's wheelchair bikes, people who use a wheelchair can be transported by bike. On the OPair, the passenger takes place in the seat at the front of the bike. On the VeloPlus, the passenger can remain seated in their own wheelchair.

Van Raam electric transport bike opair wheelchair bike

OPair wheelchair bike

The OPair is suitable for cycling together with someone that can not cycle themselves. A comfortable seat is positioned at the front of the bike. However, your own custom seat can also be fitted.

The depth of the seat and the backrest can be adjusted to the passenger. The driver of the bike has a good overview of both the passenger and the road. The passenger can enjoy the unobstructed view.

The OPair is also available with a divisible frame. This way the front of the bike can be used as a wheelchair on location.

  • Stable cycling due to the slightly angled front wheels
  • Easy to drive due to the regular steering angle
  • Suspension for extra comfort for both the passenger and driver
  • Ergonomic cycling position for the driver
  • Adjustable and foldable footrests for the passenger


More about the OPair
Van Raam electric transport bike veloplus wheelchair bike

VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

The VeloPlus is a bike on which you can transport people that remain seated in their own wheelchair. The wheelchair with the passenger can easily be pushed onto the tilting platform. This doesn’t require a lot of force or any additional equipment. The VeloPlus is suitable for a wheelchair & passenger with a total weight of max. 140 kg.

The wheelchair is safely secured on the bike with a wheelchair locking mechanism and a seat belt. The low centre of gravity and the wide wheelbase in the front give the bike its stability. This makes the bike an ideal solution for making bike rides with wheelchair users.

  • The passenger can remain seated in their own wheelchair
  • Tilting platform to easily load the wheelchair and passenger onto
  • Stable and easily manoeuvrable due to the steering front wheels
  • Three fixing hooks and a seatbelt to secure the wheelchair
  • Suitable for nearly all hand-driven wheelchairs (max. 72 cm wide)


More about the VeloPlus
van raam Smart E-Bike transport electric bike

Transport electric bikes

The Chat rickshaw bike comes standard with pedal assistance. The OPair and VeloPlus transport bikes for wheelchair users can also be optionally equipped with pedal assistance. Van Raam's electric transport bikes are equipped with the Silent system. The body of the motor, batteries, controller, software and the Smart display are specially designed by Van Raam for adapted bicycles.
Features Silent system:

  • Three different levels of support, and a starting aid
  • Easy to use
  • Noiseless, yet very powerful motors
  • ExtraEnergy test winner for many years
  • Forward and backward pedalling support
More about pedal support
van raam Smart E-Bike App for transport electric bike

Smart E-Bike App

All electric bikes from Van Raam are Smart E-bikes. This means that they are connected to the internet, and you can access your bike’s data from your phone. The free app can be downloaded from your device’s app store, and can be used as a comprehensive cycling computer.

More about the app

Customer experiences of electric transport bikes

Are you curious how others experience the electric transport bikes Chat, OPair or VeloPlus? Read below some customer experiences:

Chat Rickshaw Bike

"Jan-Willem is a volunteer at Riksja Harderwijk, where he cycles around with people who can't cycle independently (anymore). Recently they received the Chat rikshaw bike from Van Raam."

Riksja Harderwijk - Harderwijk

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OPair wheelchair bike

"We had always been looking for something that would fit our needs as a family, but also work for him. We've been able to plan trips that are so different than we ever planned before!"

Family Ford - Portsmouth

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"My name is Angelica Malinverni and I'm the mom of Caterina, who has had a disability since birth. We recently purchased the VeloPlus wheelchair bike and it has changed our lives!"

Angelica Malinverni - Italy

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