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The Van Raam electric rickshaw bike Chat

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Van Raam electric rickshaw transport bike Chat

Van Raam is manufacturer of special needs bicycles. One of the bicycles produced at Van Raam is the electric rickshaw bicycle Chat. In this article we will tell you more about the Chat.

Rickshaw transport bike

The rickshaw bike is designed to cycle together with adults and/or children who can no longer participate in traffic on their own. In this way, a person can cycle with two other persons. The two people sitting in the front have the possibility of talking or Chat(ting) with each other.

The persons in front, the passengers, sit on comfortable seat cushions in an ergonomically designed cockpit. Thanks to the suspension, the seat cushions and the cockpit, the passengers can enjoy a nice bike ride or go shopping in their hometown for example. The Chat has the option for a canopy which provides shelter from sun and rain.

The rickshaw bike Chat is ideal for elderly people who want to go out, for people who want to make a guided bike tour, but also for health care institutions, families and holiday parks.

Check out the rickshaw bike Chat product page on our website.

Rickshaw bike Chat

electric rickshaw transport bike Chat for  adults Van Raam
The electric rickshaw bike adults.
Electric bicycle E-Bike app pedal support Van Raam
The E-Bike app on the smartphone.

Electric rickshaw bike Chat

The Chat is an electric rickshaw bike and comes standard with the Silent HT motor, this is the unique Van Raam pedal assist system. The motor, batteries, the controller, the software and the Smart display have all been developed by Van Raam. The pedal assist is easy to operate via the display. This display has an on/off button, assistance mode 1 (eco-mode), assistance mode 2 (comfort mode), assistance mode 3 (sport mode) and a starting aid (the button with the bicycle symbol). With the starting aid, the motor gives you extra support for up to 10 seconds so that you can easily cycle away from a standstill.

A unique feature of the pedal assist is that it is possible to cycle backwards when the assistance is switched on. This allows you to turn around easily and safely.

Van Raam E-Bike App

All Van Raam bicycles that have pedal assistance, including the Chat, can use the Van Raam E-Bike App. With this app, it is possible to change the settings of the support mode, send SOS messages and view bike data such as speed, battery capacity and distance.

More about the pedal assistance

Features of the Chat

The features and details of the Chat are shown below. In the article ‘Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat’ all details of this bike are explained.

  • Van Raam pedal assistance
  • 8 gears
  • Parking brake
  • Recyclable plastic seating unit
  • Two adjustable safety belts
  • Removable & washable soft goods
  • Feet rest with lowering system
  • Luggage rack and luggage compartments
  • Optional canopy

More about the Chat

  • Environmentally friendly
  • 5-year warranty on frame
  • Easy to control
  • Ergonomic sitting position
  • Dutch design
  • Meets all legal safety requirements
  • Easy access because of an adjustable footplate
  • Cheaper than transport by bus/taxi
  • Every ride is an event

Video Van Raam Chat 2019

In the video of the Chat below, you can see how this electric rickshaw bike works and how you can easily ride it.

Rickshaw bike Chat in America

In September 2019, Marnix Kwant, Huub Ressing and Coen Velthorst from Van Raam visited America. There was a conference for Van Raam dealers in America and the dealer in Canada. The founder of Cycling without Age, Kelly Talcott, was also present at this conference. He told the attendees more about the origin of the Chat.

The Chat was designed because the founder of Cycling Without Age (CWA) together with Van Raam thought that the current rickshaw bikes could be modernised. Van Raam decided to do this, and this is where the electric rickshaw bike Chat emerged from. The CWA now calls the Chat the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the rickshaws and the organisation already uses the Chat a lot. Read more about Cycling Without Age in the article ‘Van Raam rickshaw bike Chat with great impact’. Read more about the Chat in America by clicking on the button.

The Chat in America

Van Raam electric rickshaw bike in America
The Chat (on the right) is used during the visit to America.

The innovative bike

At Van Raam, we are constantly looking at how we can improve and renew our processes and our bicycles. Innovation is therefore very important to Van Raam. For example, the Chat won the Eurobike Gold Award in 2019 and the Van Raam pedal assistance, which the Chat has, won the Extra Energy test in 2018-2019.

Van Raam electric rickshaw bike Chat Eurobike Gold Award
Van Raam pedal assistance winner extraenergy test 2018-2019

Read more about the innovation and the awards Van Raam has received on our innovation page.

Innovation page

Electric Rickshaw transport bike Chat with canopy Van Raam
Van Raam logo
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Van Raam

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