Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike

The Fun2Go duo bike has become an everyday part of road traffic. Many health care institutions and private individuals use this tricycle tandem to enjoy cycling together. Since the bicycle is constantly being further developed, the Fun2Go duo bike has unique riding characteristics. Discover in this article what these unique riding characteristics are.

Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike

Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go

The Fun2Go is a duo bike here the users sit next to each other. The tricycle tandem is often used in health care institutions. In this way, an attendant can make a bike ride together with a passenger or resident for example. Therefore, the Fun2Go has excellently developed unique riding characteristics. You can read more about the duo bike at several care institutions in the article ‘Fun2Go duo bikes for several organisations’.
Take a look at four unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike below:

Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike maneuvrable and comfortable

1. The Fun2Go is very stable and maneuverable

Stable and robust, but very maneuverable and easy to steer. The riding behavior of the Fun2Go duo bike can best be described this way. The bike has two rear wheels and one front wheel. This allows the bike to rotate around its own axis, so you can make small and short turns. The bike is very stable thanks to the high-quality parts. The first version of the Fun2Go was already made in 1999 and since then it has been continuously developed and renewed into the stable and robust duo bike as it is today. Read more in the article ‘Van Raam duo bike Fun2Go over the years’.

Fun2Go over the years

2. Comfortable adjustable seat with backrest

The standard seat of the Fun2Go is comfortable due to the seat cushion and backrest. With a lever, the seat can easily be adjusted to the right distance for the cyclist. This allows the driver or the passenger to always take the correct cycling position by not sitting too close or too far from the pedals. Optionally, it is possible to replace the standard seat for the comfort seat with individually adjustable back support. The comfort seat provides a lot of back support, ensures a comfortable sitting position and the level of support can easily be adjusted individually, so that all users can enjoy a pleasant bike ride. Read more about the comfort seat in the article ‘Cycling with back pain’.

More about the comfort seat
"There is still so much to see and do for people with a handicap or who are a bit less mobile and can not cycle independently. It’s like a new world is opening."
Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike 8-speed and disengagement hub
The combination gear hub and disengagement hub.

3. Different ways of cycling possible

The Fun2Go is equipped with gears on the driver’s side as standard. On the side of the passenger, it’s optionally possible to choose between different ways of cycling:

  • The freewheel hub allows the passenger to ride independently from the driver or to keep his feet still. The passenger then always cycles in the same gear.
  • The gear hub allows the passenger to ride independently from the driver or to keep his feet still. The passenger can choose which gear to cycle in.
  • With the combination gear hub and switchable disengagement hub, the passenger does not have to cycle along, must cycle along or can cycle along.
By choosing the right way of cycling, the cycling pleasure for both the driver and the passenger is increased. Another additional advantage is that the driver can take control of the pedaling movements of the passenger. Read more about this in the article ‘Combination of gear hub and disengagement hub Fun2Go’. Since a few years, the motor drive of the Fun2Go has been moved from the front wheel to the rear wheel. The big advantage of this is that the power of the motor is now at the rear of the bike and this makes cycling in a hilly area or in the mountains easier.

Ways of cycling

4. Unique Van Raam pedal support

One of the most chosen options with the Fun2Go is the unique Van Raam pedal support. The motors, the controller, the Smart display and the software have been specially developed by and for Van Raam and its special needs bicycles. If the passenger is unable or unwilling to cycle along, the pedal assistance allows the driver to continue cycling easily without much effort. Unique features of the pedal assistance are:

  • Easy to control
  • 3 individual adjustable support modes
  • Starting aid

  • Powerful almost silent electric motors
  • Modern and efficient electronics
  • Safe and high-quality batteries

Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam pedal support smart display
The smart display with which the pedal assistance can be controlled.

With the pedal support, you have automatic access to the Van Raam E-Bike app. This app can be used as a luxury cycling computer. Another very unique feature of the pedal support is the possibility to cycle backwards. By cycling backwards, you can easily turn around for example. Read more about cycling backwards and watch the video in the article ‘Riding backwards with pedal support on a custom bike’. Do you want to know more about the pedal support? Then click the button.

Pedal support
"Our participants are highly enthusiastic to be finally able to ride a bike again with a volunteer."
Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam

The Fun2Go duo bike from Van Raam

As mentioned earlier in this article, the Fun2Go is a tricycle tandem where the users sit next to each other instead of sitting behind each other, as with the other tandems in the assortment. One person steers and both can pedal. The person who steers is also in control of the brakes. In addition to the unique riding characteristics as written above, the Fun2Go has 3 major advantages for the driver and a passenger:

  • Because of the seating positions of the driver and the passenger are located next to each other, they can easily communicate with each other and both have a good view of the road.
  • The bicycle has no entry, so both the passenger and the driver can easily sit down. With the optional rotatable seat, taking a seat on the bike can be made even easier for the passenger.
  • The Fun2Go can be customized with many options and accessories, so that the bike always meets the needs of the passenger. Think for example of armrests, belts, a stick holder or foot fixations. A new option in the times of corona is the protection screen. Read more about this protection screen in the article ‘Fun2Go duo bike with protection screen in times of corona’.

More about the Fun2Go
Van Raam wheel gear

Put together your Fun2Go

With the online configurator it is possible to put together your Fun2Go and you can immediately see the prices of all options. Read the article ‘Put together your Van Raam bike with the bike configurator’ for a detailed explanation of the configurator. Click on the button to go directly to the configurator.

Unique riding characteristics of the Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam FunTrain duo bike trailer

FunTrain duo bike trailer

The FunTrain is a trailer that can be attached to the duo bike. This trailer allows an attendant to cycle together with three passengers. The attendant keeps control over steering and braking. Read more about the FunTrain and click on the button.


FunTrain duofietsaanhanger
Van Raam Fun2Go test winner by norwegian government

Fun2Go best tested

An independent committee of the Norwegian government has chosen the Fun2Go as the best bike in the category duo bike. The Fun2Go received the best quality rating for many different features of the bike. Read all about this in the article ‘Fun2Go duo bike test winner by Norwegian government’.

Fun2Go best tested
Dutch King cycles on side-by-side tandem with founder from the Fietsmaatjes foundation

Dutch King on duo bike

In November 2019, King Willem-Alexander made a surprise visit to the ‘Fietsmaatjes’ foundation in Warmond. The foundation is part of the growth program of the Dutch Oranje Fonds and the King is the patron of this fund. During the surprise visit, King Willem-Alexander cycled on the Fun2Go.

King on duo bike

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Fun2Go side by side bike

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Fun2Go side by side bike

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