Tricycle tandem Kivo Plus won in the tender in Norway

The Van Raam Kivo Plus tandem has been tested by the Norwegian government, which commissioned a professional, independent commission to carry out the tender procedure. The Kivo Plus tricycle tandem is a parent-child tandem with three wheels. Find out what special features and characteristics the Kivo Plus tandem has been included in the Norwegian tender.

Kivo Plus tricycle tandem in tender

The Kivo Plus in the tender of Norway

In the category tricycle tandem bikes rear and support motor for children, teenagers and adults, besides the Kivo Plus from Van Raam, the Kaptein Duo from Draisin and the Copilot 3 from Huka were tested. A child can sit on the front of the Kivo Plus tandem so that he/she can see the surroundings well and an adult sits on the back of the tandem where he/she has a good view of the child and the surroundings. Outstanding, according to the Commission in the tandem bicycle test was also that the parent child tandem Kivo Plus has small handlebars, which is best suited to teenagers and children of the user group. A special handlebar for your adapted bike can help to adjust the bike to your needs and increase the riding comfort.
This means that the Kivo Plus is safe, stable and easy to use and does not have a high risk of rollover. The bike is equipped with two rear wheels, which ensure that the user remains firmly seated without tipping over when riding around corners. Among other things, these features put the Kivo Plus in second place and therefore in the tender after the Kaptein Duo. This was originally developed in cooperation with us by Van Raam.
Learn more about the Kivo Plus on the product page, also have a look at our 360 degrees/3-D photos.

"Feel stable and safe even while driving."
Kivo Plus Van Raam in the tender Norway

Adaptable, safe and stable parent child tandem

The Norwegian Government finds that the bicycle has good saddle and steering adjustments, as these can be done without tools. This makes it easy to adjust the bicycle to different riders and passengers. According to the Tender Commission, taking part in bicycle traffic is also safe and easy, as the three-position gear hub with a twist grip is located directly on the handlebars and is easy to operate.
A lot of safety and stability is provided by the parking brake, which is easy to operate with the lever on the handlebars, this and the two wheels at the back of the bike ensure that the bike remains stable when getting on and off. Furthermore, the two wheels at the back of the bike give the rider a stable and secure feeling even during the ride. The passenger sits securely and stably during the ride on a suspended saddle with a suspension system, which further enhances the seating comfort.

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Pedal assistance on the Kivo Plus tricycle tandem tender

Winners with pedal support

The Parent Child Tandem has a very good engine that provides good support. The optional unique Van Raam pedal support was also rated the best in the ExtraEnergy test. See more options on our options and accessories page. The electric system offers support for starting the bike from a standing position or uphill. A unique feature is the reversed function so that you can also ride backwards with the pedal assistance switched on. Find out more about this on the pedal assistance page.

Pedal support

Advantages of the Kivo Plus Parent Child Tandem

  • Good visibility for children and adults
  • Self-determination of whether the child can or must pedal along
  • The person in the back steers
  • Very stable due to 2 wheels at the rear

  • Easy entry due to 2 wheels in the back
  • Deep entry for both persons
  • Easy to steer
  • Easy transfer for child

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Try the Kivo Plus yourself

Try the Kivo Plus tricycle tandem yourself and see for yourself. Come to our showroom in Varsseveld and ride the Kivo Plus on our test track or visit our Van Raam experience center in Gemrnay. Otherwise, you are also welcome to visit a dealer near you

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Kivo Plus user experience

User experience

"When Robin came to live with us, he brought his wonderful parent-child tandem! A little practice and we did some nice bike rides!"

Antoinette Krol - Doetinchem

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