Child-parent tandem


Tandem for disabled girl

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Child-parent tandem

Dedi Langenberg is a cheerful girl form ’s-Heerenberg (Netherlands) with disabilities. She enjoys life and with a few adjustments she is doing fine. What se can not by her psychical limitations is cycling long distances by her selves. With her tricycle she can ride short distances, but larger distances is a problem for her.

Tandem with pedal assistance

Recently, Dedi’s wish came true! The foundation ‘Kanjers voor Kanjers’ has donated a tandem with pedal support. The tandem for Dedi is a special child-parent tandem, with a grown-up sitting behind and a child sitting for Dedi in front. So Dedi has a good view of the environment while cycling and the rider sitting behind can always keep a good watch on the child.

The Kivo-tandem has a low step through and therefore, is it easier to use. The electric engine gives a comfortable pedal support which makes cycling on this tandem even easier for both cyclists.

Dedi is glad with the Kivo-tandem from Van Raam and can now cycle along with her sister on the tandem to her grandmother who lives in Stokkum. 

Child-parent tandem


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