low step through bike

Low step through bike

For people who are having difficulty getting on and off a bike or people with slight balancing problems, the Balance, a comfortable low step through bike, is the ideal solution. It is a very safe low entry bike with many advantages. Furthermore the bicycle can be painted in almost any desired RAL-color.

Balance, low step through bike

The Balance low step through bike by Van Raam is a comfort bike with a low step through and a uniquely designed frame. With the Balance bike you can always place both your feet on the ground without getting off the saddle and cycle with a comfortable movement of your legs. The great advantage of the Balance is the unique ergonomically designed seat. Wrists, shoulders and neck are hardly burdened while cycling. The more forward pedaling motion ensures that you use the power of your legs better than in case of conventional bikes. The lower center of gravity makes the cycling easier and more comfortable. 

Safe cycling

The low step through bike is nog just only a low entry bike. The bike is also really safe, because you can always put both feet on the ground.

Bicycle with pedal support

There are a lot off options available to the Balance, such as baskets, stick holder, mirrors, lightning kit, gear lever and pedal support

Low step through bike in every color

The standard color of the Balance is Black/silver. Other optional colors are Fire-red/silver and Royal blue-silver. Besides these, the cycle can be painted in almost any desired RAL color like royal orange.

This low entry bikes from Van Raam are also very suitable for smaller or larger people. We have frames in three different sizes, where the bike is suitable for people with an inside leg length between 67 and 100 cm.


low step through bike colours
The photos top left and bottom right show the Balance in roayal orange and the photos top right and bottom left show the Balance in royal blue