Image tricycle should not stop people from moving

A tricycle is a very suitable alternative if you can't or don't dare to ride a two-wheeler (anymore), for example if you suffer from a balance disorder, if you have difficulty walking or because you regularly fell off your bike. However, the image of a tricycle still sometimes prevents people from buying one. Blogger Astrid van der Plank (46) does not understand this image and sees her tricycle as an ideal solution to keep moving. In this article you can learn more about the story of Astrid, the image of a tricycle, the many advantages of a tricycle, various tricycles, tricycles with pedal assistance and read experiences of others on a tricycle.

Scooter bike Easy Go Van Raam Astrid van der Plank
Astrid on her Easy Go scooter bike

Astrid's story

Astrid van der Plank has a rare disorder, ADCA: a hereditary neurological disorder that slowly affects the small brain. Astrid: "I am tired quickly and have to use my energy sparingly. I also have problems with my balance and with my eyes. At a certain point I couldn't cycle a two-wheeler anymore because I was falling of the bike all the time, so I started looking for alternatives, including tricycles. I don't understand that some people let the image of a tricycle stop them, I'm just happy that I still have the possibility to keep moving. I wasn't immediately satisfied with my first tricycle either, I've studied what's on the market and tried out different bikes".

Sometimes Astrid hears stories of elderly people who refuse to use a walker and therefore sit inside all day. The mom of a friend of Astrid's wanted to use a walker on holiday, in an environment where nobody knows her, but at home she refuses. Astrid: "I have the feeling that being ashamed of an aid, such as a tricycle, is only something for the elderly. People my age and younger are mostly happy with it".

Tricycle benefits

A bike with three wheels has many advantages:

  • It can be a good alternative if you have trouble getting on and off your current two-wheeler.

  • With a tricycle it is not necessary to get off when you are (almost) standing still; you can safely cross over while sitting on the saddle.

  • Do you come to a standstill? A tricycle doesn't topple over like a two-wheeler does.

  • Perhaps even the biggest advantage: you have the possibility to keep moving, which makes you mobile and independently for a longer period of time.

Curious about all the benefits? We wrote an article about the benefits of tricycles. Click on the button below to read the article.

All tricycle benefits

Various tricycles Van Raam

Van Raam has different types of tricycles. It is important to try out several tricycles in advance, so you can determine which bike is the best option for you, just like Astrid did. Astrid: "After trying different options I came into contact with the Easy Go scooter bike of Van Raam. With this scooter bike you can cycle, but you can also use it as a mobility scooter. When I run out of energy I use it as a mobility scooter, but I have to say that I still cycle 75% of the time". See all unique riding characteristics of the Easy Go in the article 'Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Go scooter bike'

Besides the Easy Go, Van Raam has many other types of tricycles, both tricycles for adults and tricycles for children. Take a look at the assortment below:

Midi tricycle Van Raam image

Midi tricycle

The manoeuvrable Midi tricycle is suitable for both children and small adults. It is a smooth-running tricycle which is available with various options.

View the Midi
Maxi tricycle Van Raam image

Maxi tricycle

The Maxi is a stable traditional tricycle for adults and provides a safe feeling while cycling.


View the Maxi
Maxi Comfort tricycle Van Raam image

Maxi Comfort tricycle

The Maxi Comfort resembles the Maxi tricycle, but has an extra low and spacious step through so you can easily get on and off the bike.

View the Maxi Comfort
Easy Rider tricycle Van Raam image

Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider has a unique frame with low step through and a stable lower sitting position.


View the Easy Rider
Easy Sport recumbent trike image

Easy Sport recumbent trike

The Easy Sport recumbent trike can be used for both sportive and recreational cycling tours. The ergonomic seating, with adjustable seat height and the seat angle, ensures optimum support.

View the Easy Sport
Viktor tricycle Van Raam image

Viktor tricycle

The Viktor has two wheels on the front so that the width of the bike can easily be estimated. The tricycle has a spacious and low entry.

View the Viktor
Viktoria tricycle Van Raam image

Viktoria tricycle

The Viktoria tricycle has a smaller frame than the Viktor. The Viktoria also has two wheels at the front and has a very low and spacious entrance.

View the Viktoria
Easy Go scooter bike Van Raam image

Easy Go scooter bike

The Easy Go scooter bike is both a bicycle with pedal assistance and a mobility scooter. The tricycle is suitable for people with varying energy levels.

View the Easy Go
Husky tricycle Van Raam image

Husky tricycle

The Husky tricycle is a bike for children from approx. 2 years of age. The bike is specially designed for children who have difficulty with stability.

View the Husky
Mini tricycle Van Raam image

Mini tricycle

The Mini tricycle is there for children from approx. 4 years. It is a smooth-running bike that can be executed in beautiful colours and which is available with various options.

View the Midi
Easy Rider Small tricycle Van Raam

Easy Rider Small tricycle

The Easy Rider Small is a tricycle for children from approx. 4 years and above or older people with a small height. The bike has a low step in and a seat with backrest for more support.

View the Easy Rider Small
Van Raam electric pedal support and E Bike App

Tricycle with pedal assistance

When it is more difficult to give enough power with pedalling, you can choose to buy a tricycle with electric pedal assistance. Van Raam has developed its own pedal support system: the Silent system. This system is characterized by it's simpliticy, 3 support modes + starting aid/launch control and very powerful electric motors. Read more about the pedal support system on the page 'Pedal support Van Raam electric bikes (e-bikes)'.

Van Raam pedal support

Image does not have to be an obstacle

Nowadays a bike with pedal assistance is quite normal, but if you look back a few years ago, an electric bike was mainly seen as a bike for older people. Nowadays an electric bike is indispensable among young people who have to cycle to school or adults who prefer to take the bike to get to work in order to get some daily exercise. So an e-bike is now seen as a 'normal bike' and with tricycles we also see a shift in this more and more. With today's triycles you can definitely be seen: they look good, they are solid bikes and above all they are safe. So the image of a tricycle does not have to be an obstacle at all.

Especially elderly people are ashamed of tricycles

Recently, an article appeared on the website of the Fietsersbond where Astrid talks about her condition, the Easy Go mobility scooter and her ongoing search for aids. She also tells more about the image of a tricycle and that especially elderly people seem to be ashamed of a tricycle. Curious about the article? Read more: 'Vooral ouderen schamen zich voor driewielers'.

Article Fietsersbond (Dutch)

Experiences of Van Raam cyclists

Van Raam regularly receives messages from people with a Van Raam special needs bike. Are you curious about the experiences of customers who have purchased a tricycle? Read below the experiences of Astrid van der Plank, Marjo Lange, Henk Beunk, Ashnadebie Kalidien, Mr de Bruin and Willy Wienholts, or look for all customer experiences on the page Customer experiences Van Raam cyclists.

Easy Go scooter bike

"I am Astrid van der Plank (44) and I own the Easy Go scooter bike since July 2018. I use a scooter bike because I have Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 28."

Astrid van der Plank - De Meern

Read more

Easy Rider tricycle

"This tricycle gives me a very safe feeling. I didn't dare to ride a normal bike with two wheels after I fell down. I feel more secure and free on the bike."

Marjo Lange - Venray

Read more

Easy Sport recumbent trike

"Henk Beunk ended up in hospital after a major fall with a cerebral infarction and partial high spinal cord injury. Barely able to move, he entered the rehabilitation process."

Henk Beunk - Westendorp

Read more

Midi tricycle

"I'm Ashnadebie. Every day I have to deal with my chronic disorder, osteoarthritis and a slow working thyroid. I also have a difference in height in my legs and I can't cycle on my own without help."

Ashnadebie Kalidien - Rijswijk

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Maxi tricycle

"After a stroke it was no longer possible for me to cycle on a normal bike. By now I have been cycling on the Maxi tricycle with pedal assistance for years."

Mr de Bruin - Province of Utrecht

Read more

Easy Rider tricycle

"I have a bad trunk balance, bad balance and due to an injury my lower leg is amputated. After not cycling for years, I now ride my Easy Rider with a lot of pleasure."

Willy Wienholts - Dinxperlo

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