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Customer experience Maxi tricycle - R. de Bruin

Customer experience Maxi tricycle - R. de Bruin
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After a stroke it was no longer possible for me to cycle on a traditional two-wheeler. I have a Van Raam's Maxi tricycle for years now and with the pedal assistance, the starting aid and the reverse function I can get around in traffic safely and well again.

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Cerebral infarction and balance disorder

De Bruin: "I live in a single-family house in the province of Utrecht. My hobbies are cycling, swimming, reading and modelling. After a stroke I suffered from a balance disorder and I couldn't cycle on a normal bike anymore, I needed the whole width of the road. That's why I decided to buy a modified bike. From 2009 I already had an older version of the Maxi tricycle and since 2019 I have a new one."

Maxi tricycle with pedal support

“I have pedal assistance on my tricycle. With the display I can easily operate the pedal assitance. It has a starting aid on it which makes it easier to cycle away from a stationary position. It also has a reverse function, which helps me to pedal backwards, making is easier for me to do so."

Maxi tricycle customer experience Ries de Bruin

Van Raam dealer

“I ordered the bike at Medipoint in Utrecht. The contact and overall service around the bike went well. After the request I had to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the bike. The delivery also went wel.”

Van Raam e-bike app

“I read about the Van Raam App on the website. By now I know all the functions and it works fine. In the end I think cycling itself is more important, but the app is a nice extra."

R. de Bruin – Province ofUtrecht (the Netherlands)
Model: Maxi tricycle

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