Cargo bike Chat lets old people cycle together

For our photo shoot with the newest bike of the Van Raam family, the Rickshaw Bike Chat, we asked the nursing home Azora Debbeshoek in Ulft if they are interested in being models on the photos. Soon there were two friends who enjoyed spending a day with us and a professional photographer. During the photo shoot many curious residents came out to admire the chat. To thank Azora and her residents for the cooperation, the home care center was allowed to use the bike for one week, so that all interested elderly people could cycle together on the cargo bike chat.

rickshaw bike chat with models of residential care center Debbeshoek Azora
Mrs. Bosman and Mrs. Mijnen with photo from photo shoot

Chat rickshaw bike photo shoot

In spring we had our rickshaw bike chat photographed by a professional photographer. For the photo shoot we were allowed to use the photogenic ladies Mrs. Bosman and Mrs. Mijnen. It turned out to be a day that the ladies won't forget so quickly. If we can believe the Debbeshoek staff, they still talk about it every day. As real models they received orders from the photographer, who then executed them properly. Besides the fact that the ladies thought it was a successful day, the photos were also very successful! Look at the following pictures to get an impression of this day:

 Rickshaw cargo bike Chat photo shoot Van Raam at Azora Debbeshoek
Rickshaw cargo bike Chat photo shoot Van Raam picnic table
Rickshaw cargo bike Chat photo shoot Van Raam folding canopy
Rickshaw cargo bike Chat photo shoot Van Raam waiting in Chat
Rickshaw cargo bike Chat photo shoot Van Raam shopping street

View the Chat end result

See below the end result of the Chat photo shoot in which the elderly are cycling together with a bicycle volunteer. 

Riksja bicycle photo shoot Van Raam boarding at care institution
Van Raam Chat cargo bike bike picknik
Van Rickshaw cargo bike bike chat at care institution
Rickshaw cargo bike Chat Van Raam shopping
Van Raam Rickshaw Cargo Bike Chat poster
Van Raam Chat poster

Chat Rickshaw bike in the nursing home Azora Debbeshoek

Since we offer a ride with the Rickshaw bicycle chat to all inhabitants of the dormitory Azora, we brought the bicycle with the Van Raam bus to the place of action. Of course, we took the posters where our models were.
After a short explanation about the transport bicycle the already planned trips could begin!

Wondering how Azora Debbeshoek experienced the rickshaw bike Chat? Then read their user experience by clicking on the button below!  

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