Rickshaw by Van Raam during a picknick


Rickshaw Chat: the social transport bike by Van Raam

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Rickshaw by Van Raam during a picknick

Since May 2019, Van Raam has expanded its range of adapted bicycles with the transport bike Chat. With the Chat rickshaw bicycle it is possible for a bicycle driver to transport two passengers. Thanks to the specially designed cockpit where design and ergonomics come together, passengers can enjoy a comfortable bike ride together. Read more about the creation of this transport cargo bike in this article. And read how this social bicycle fights loneliness.

The creation of the transport bike Chat

In 2018 Van Raam came into contact with Cycling Without Age (CWA). This social enterprise gives (lonely) elderly people around the world the opportunity to enjoy cycling tripsusing rickshaw bicycles.
The founder of CWA and Van Raam agreed that the current rickshaw bikes needed an update. Van Raam decided to think and design a new contemporary version of the rickshaw bike. And this is precisely what happened.

The development of the Chat rickshaw bicycle

Our Research and Development department started with the request of a contemporary version of the Rickshaw bicycle and within 6 months they managed to design a bicycle that has been given the appropriate name "Chat". During the development process, a lot of research was carried out into the cockpit in combination with the suspension, in order to create the best possible cycling experience for the co-drivers / passengers. With the Chat it is possible as a driver to transport two passengers. They sit next to each other in a uniquely designed cockpit. The passengers are in front of the driver, giving the driver sufficient visibility of both the passengers and the road.

  • Riksja Chat social transport bike with storage by Van Raam
  • Riksja Chat social transport bike with hood from Van Raam
  • Cycling with Riksja Chat social transport bike from Van Raam
  • Cycling with Riksja Chat social transport bike from Van Raam

The purpose of the rickshaw bike Chat

The Chat is a real social bike. The Chat makes it possible to socialize with each other (Chat(ting)), while enjoying a comfortable cargo bike ride.

(Lonely) elderly people can, for example, explore the city together with young people and volunteers and take on the role of 'guide' and tell stories from the past, in this way they are less isolated. In addition, the bicycle is also very suitable for people who want to go out under supervision, for care institutions, families and holiday parks.

Van Raam Rickshaw Transportbike Chat family getaway
A fun chat outing with the whole family

Unique features of the Chat

In addition to the unique social character of the Chat, there are a large number of other features that ensure anextremely comfortable ride with this bike. Think about:

  • The specially designed cockpit where design and ergonomics come together.

  • ​Extremely comfortable through a combination of suspension, correct ergonomics and soft goods.

  • The automatic lighting over the electrical system, instead of battery lighting.

  • Easy and safe entry and exit thanks to the adjustable and easy to operate footplate.

  • ​Pedal support which can be also used to cycle backwards.

  • Access to the Van Raam E-Bike App to get more information about your cycling performance.

  • Lots of luggage space

Riksja Chat social transport bike easy boarding from Van Raam
Easy and safe entry on the Van Raam Chat

For more features about the Chat rickshaw transport bike, you can view the Chat product page. On this page you can also find nice videos about the Chat!

Chat product page

Try a Chat rickshaw bike?

Curious about this unique cargo bike? Take a free test ride in our showroom in Varsseveld! Is Varsseveld too far away? If you view our dealer overview, you can ask a dealer nearby if he already has a Chat in his / her showroom. Meanwhile, the Chat can be ordered worldwide and the first rickshaw bicycles have already been delivered in Denmark and other countries. Our export manager Hans was present at a delivery of one of the Chat rickshaw bikes and saw a satisfied end user make the first ride on her own Chat.

  • Delivery of a Chat bicycle in Denmark
  • end users are cycling on the Chat rickshaw bike in Denmark
  • Export manager Van Raam during a delivery of Chat rickshaw bicycle
  • Van Raam transport bike Chat is delivered in Denmark
Social bike duofiets Fun2Go from Van Raam

The social bikes by Van Raam

Did you know that in addition to Chat, Van Raam has more social bikes in its range? For example, with the Fun2Go sociable bikeyou can take a bike ride with just the two of you. For example, ask your lonely neighbor, who is no longer able to cycle independently, if she would like to go out on a bike ride with the sociable bike Fun2Go. Or take your grandfather, who is bound to a wheelchair, for a bike ride on the wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus.

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