rickshaw bicycle chat from van raam offers new perspectives


Rickshaw bicycle Chat from Van Raam offers new perspectives

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rickshaw bicycle chat from van raam offers new perspectives

To give people the opportunity to outside again, to raise new possibilities and perspectives and finally to let all people ride bicycles again — this is not unrealistic any more with Van Raam's Rickshaw Bicycle Chat. Read in this article what the Donaukurier says about our transport bike, what the reactions were like and all useful information about the Chat.

Perspectives through Rickshaw Bicycle Chat

Due to the multi-purpose use of the rickshaw bicycle it offers new ways and perspectives for families, (lonely) elderly people, people who do not want to take part in traffic alone any more, and care organizations looking for alternatives for transport.

The chat gives people the opportunity to chat with each other, to chat(s) and to feel mobile again. During a bicycle tour in the Chat Rickshaw Bicycle, passengers can enjoy the comfortable and ergonomic seats, which have been optimized for you by a combination of suspension, proper ergonomics and seat cushions.

They are very maneuverable and much more flexible than when you have to wait for a taxi or bus, and even there you can only be dropped off at one place and then have to get further, for example, to the entrance of the swimming pool. This is no longer an issue with the rickshaw bike— you can use it to the front door and do not need to organize an extra shuttle or worry about how best to get to the other side of the road from the bus station.

rickshaw bicycle chat from van raam offers new perspectives

Beneficial & standard

  • Standard Silent electro HT pedal support

  • starting aid/launch control

  • driving backwards is possible

  • Access to the E-Bike App

  • Hydraulic disc brakes

  • Automatic lighting via the electrical system

Further advantages

  • Environmentally friendly powder coating

  •  Five-year warranty on the frame

  •  Easy access/ ascent due to an adjustable foot plate

  •  Ergonomic sitting posture

  •  Lots of luggage and storage space

  •  Extremely comfortable 

This opens up a new perspective for old people who otherwise can't get out.

former Lord mayor Peter Schnell

Unique features, design and innovation pay off

Learn more about the features of our transport bike chat in the article "Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat".

These characteristics also convinced the jury of Eurobike in September. The Eurobike Award is one of the most prestigious international design prizes for companies in the bicycle industry. New and innovative products are assessed and evaluated by an independent jury of experts. Read how Van Raam's Chat rickshaw bike won the Eurobike Gold award.

Van Raam wins Eurobike

Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike Wins Eurobike Gold Award 2019

Usability of the rickshaw bicycle Chat

Older people have the opportunity to explore their surroundings together with younger or like-minded people and take on the role of a "tour guide", telling stories from the past and thus coming out of their isolation for a while.

However, apart from the fact that the Chat rickshaw bicycle offers a solution for older humans, the Chat is suitable in addition, for humans, who would like to undertake a led bike tour, in addition, for care facilities, families and for example vacation parks.


usability of the rickshaw bicycle chat

On the road in Ingolstadt with a new perspective

In Ingolstadt at the Heilig-Geist-Spital the rickshaw bicycle "Chat" was presented by our technical consultant Ulrich Trojer from Van Raam Showroom in the south of Germany. Following we got a message that the Donaukurier from Ingolstadt reported about this. Beside residents and our technical advisor also the old mayor Peter Schnell was present.

With him at their side, the nursing home residents took a short test drive. Mr. Schnell was thrilled and stated that this Van Raam rickshaw bicycle opens up new perspectives for the residents.

The "Heilig-Geist-Spital-Stiftung" (Holy Spirit Hospital Foundation) has started a fundraising campaign especially for the purchase of a special bicycle, so that the senior citizens from Ingolstadt homes can be driven around on request in the future. In the future, after some construction work in the city, two bicycles will already be available in Ingolstadt at the beginning of 2020.

Please have a look at the following video of the Donaukurier to see the little test ride.


on the road in Ingolstadt with a new perspective
Source: Donaukurier.de

Video: Rickshaw at Heilig Geist Hospital Foundation

Try out the rickshaw bike

See for yourself, get a feeling of how the bike rides, try the rickshaw bike! Visit us in our experience center in Treuchtlingen, in our headquarters in the showroom Varsseveld or visit a dealer that is close by you.

rickshaw bicycle test ride health care organization


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