Frequently asked questions about the Chat rickshaw bike


Frequently asked questions about the Chat rickshaw bike

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Frequently asked questions about the Chat rickshaw bike

Van Raam's Chat rickshaw bike is designed to transport people who are no longer able to participate in traffic independently. In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about this rickshaw bike.

What is a Chat rickshaw bike?

The Chat is a rickshaw bike with one driver and a seat on the front of the bike in which 2 people can sit. The Chat falls into the category of transport bicycles, these bicycles are specially designed to transport more than just their rider.

For whom is the Chat suitable?

The Chat is suitable for people who can no longer independently participate in traffic. Because the passengers sit next to each other on the front of the bicycle, they can easily communicate with each other and enjoy the surroundings. This makes the Chat a popular method of transport for care homes.

How much weight can the Chat carry?

The maximum user weight of the driver is 120 kilos. The maximum user weight of the passenger(s) in the seat is 200 kilos in total.

Chat rickshaw bike by Van Raam

Is the Chat equipped with pedal support?

Yes, the Chat is equipped with electrical pedal support as standard. The Silent system is specially designed for custom bikes developed by Van Raam. The system offers 3 levels of pedal support and also offers the possibility to cycle backwards. Owners of Van Raam E-bikes can also use a useful smartphone app. Read more about pedal support and the Van Raam E-bike app on the page 'Pedal support'.

More about pedal support

The Chat rickshaw bike is equipped with pedal support

What makes the Chat rickshaw bike unique?

Unique to the Chat rickshaw bike is the ergonomic cockpit, which is equipped with the right suspension and cushions. In the cockpit are belts that passengers can fasten themselves with for extra safety. Through the adjustable footplate, passengers can easily get in. The Chat is also equipped with many storage options, so the necessary items can also be taken along during a bike ride.

See below some other unique features of the Chat rickshaw bike:

  • Electric pedal support (with Van Raam E-bike app)

  • Many storage options

  • Adjustable footplate

  • Good communication between passengers

Adjustable footplate Chat rickshaw bike

What options are possible with the Chat?

There are several options and accessories possible with the Chat. There is for examplea special protection screen for the Chat. This makes it possible to cycle with 2 people in de cockpit, also in times of corona. Another option is the bikeleg cover for the people who ride along in the cockpit. The bikeleg cover keeps the passengers warm and comfortable even on chilly days. The Chat can also be expanded with a canopy, so that the passengers are sheltered from sun and rain. View the configurator for all options and accessories which are possible with the Chat rickshaw.

How much is a Chat rickshaw bike?

The price of the Chat rickshaw depends on the options and accessories you need/want on your bike. Download the current price list on the product page or go to the configurator where you can put together your own bike with extra options and accessories.

Configure your bike

Chat rickshaw bike with protection screen for cycling during corona

Where can I make a test ride with the Chat?

You can make a test ride on the Chat in the showroom of Van Raam in Varsseveld. Request for a private consultation appointment. It is also possible to make a test ride at a number of Van Raam dealers. Please contact a dealer in your area.

Where can I buy the Chat?

The Chat rickshaw can be purchased at a Van Raam dealer. Click on the button below to view the list of dealers and find a Van Raam dealer in your area.

Find a dealer

Take a test ride with the Chat rickshaw bike

How do I maintain the Chat rickshaw?

It is important to maintain the Chat rickshaw properly. The dealer where you bought the Chat can do the maintenance, but there are also some things you can do yourself. For example, it is important to have the right tyre pressure. This prevents wearing out and makes your tyre less likely to burst. The correct pressure is usually indicated on the side of the tyre.

Read more maintenance tips in the article '10 tips for the maintenance of a (special needs) bike'. 

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