Frame number Van Raam bike increased


The frame number on the special needs bikes from Van Raam

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Frame number Van Raam bike increased

Every special needs bikes from Van Raam has one: a frame number. However, the frame number on every bike is different. The frame number is an unique number, therefore the bike is becoming unique too. But what exactly is the frame number and why is this number so important?

The frame number

The frame number on the Van Raam bicycles ensures that the bicycle can always be recognized again. The unique number can be used to trace how the bicycle was delivered: such as which dealer ordered the bicycle and which options should be on it. It is always important to have the frame number at hand if there are problems with your bike.

Example frame number Van Raam bike
Example of a frame number from a Van Raam bike


Write down the frame number at the space for notes in the back of the user manual. In this way, you can always find the frame number easily back!

The frame number at the Van Raam bikes consists of eleven numbers. These numbers are on a sticker with a barcode. The sticker is applied under the clear varnish on the frame of the bicycle. The location of the frame number is different at every bike. Do you want to know where the frame number is affixed on your bike? Then look in the supplied user manual or view the online user manual at the page from the concerning bike. The overview below shows where the frame number is attached on your Van Raam bike.

Location of the frame number at Van Raam bikes:

BikeLocation of the frame number
Balance; Maxi; Maxi Comfort; Midi; Mini; Opair; VeloPlus; Chat; GoCabBehind the saddle tube
HuskyOn the frame tube
Viktoria; ViktorAt the bottom of the tube at the front
Easy GoOn the handlebar stem
Easy RiderOn the frame tube under the seat
Easy Rider Compact; Easy Rider Compact Small; Easy SportOn the frame tube under the seat
Fun2GoOn the frame under the co-driver's seat
FunTrainOn the FunTrain on the right seat at the right hand
Kivo; Kivo Plus; Twinny; Twinny PlusOn the back of the rear saddle tube

Why the frame number on the special needs bikes from Van Raam is important

The frame number on the Van Raam bikes is very important. If there are problems with the bike, the number can be used to retrieve all sorts of important information. Such as which dealer ordered and received the bike, and which options are on the delivered bike. With specific questions about your Van Raam bicycle, it is also useful to keep the frame number at hand. In this way, the dealer or the employee at Van Raam can help you faster.

In the case of theft, the frame number is also important. It is useful to provide the frame number when submitting a declaration. If the bicycle is then being found again, the owner can ultimately be traced back based on the frame number.

Frame number on maxi tricycle Van Raam bike increased
Van Raam configurator

Your Van Raam bike and the frame number

You can also see for yourself what options there are for your bike based on the frame number. To do this, go to our website, click on the word ‘Search’ at the top right of the website and then click on ‘Search by number’ on the right. You end up in the configurator with which you can put together your own bike. In the middle sectionyou type in the frame number and then an overview appears with your Van Raam bike with all the supplied options and accessories. Here, you can also see all the options and accessories with price that are also possible to add to your Van Raam bike. Do you want more options at your bike? Contact your local Van Raam dealer.
Click on the button below to view your options in the configurator:

Go to the configurator

The frame number and the Van Raam E-Bike app

For the Van Raam E-Bike App the frame number is also important. The free Van Raam E-Bike app can be downloaded on your smartphone and being used as a luxurious bike computer for all Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance. The E-Bike app shows the current speed, total distance and the battery capacity. It is also possible to change the pedal assistance of the electric motor to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level and to send a SOS message in form of a text message containing your GPS location. To register in the E-Bike app you will need the frame number. Once the app has been downloaded, you can register via your e-mail address + a self-chosen password and enter the frame number as the registration code. After logging in, you will see the bike that belongs to the frame number in the app and you can select it.

Click on the button below to see everything about the Van Raam E-Bike app:

Everything about the E-Bike app

Van Raam bicycle app

Did you know?

The first six numbers of the frame number represent the date of the day the bicycle was sprayed at the Van Raam bicycle factory. For example, it can be seen that the bicycle with frame number 210525XXXXX has been sprayed on May 25, 2021!

Assemble your bike yourself?

With the configurator you can self-assemble your bike in a few easy steps. Here you can view all the options that are available for a Van Raam bicycle, add it to your bicycle and immediately see the prices. Do you want these options on your bicycle? Go to your local Van Raam dealer. Click on the button below to go to the configurator.

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