Van Raam bicycles for multiple users

Van Raam not only manufactures bicycles for single individuals, but our product range also includes various bikes for multiple users, such as wheelchair bikes and tandems. Read more in this article about the FunTrain, a  double rider trailer and the side-by-side tandem Fun2Go.

Fun2Go duo bike for two persons Van Raam

Fun2Go – a bike for two

Our custom bikes continue to gain recognition, and as a result, an increasing number of people have become familiar with Van Raam’s Fun2Go side by side tandem. This tricycle tandem is a two-seater where you’re not seated behind, but rather alongside each other. The driver is responsible for breaking and steering, the co-driver for pedalling. 
The Fun2Go does not have an entry level, so the user can sit down easily. Both cyclists have a good view of the road and can communicate easily with each other. Social contacts and control are optimal on this bike.

The Fun2Go is available with various options and accessories, so that the bike meets all your needs.

An additional option for the Fun2Go is the FunTrain, a rotating chair can also be fitted with a folding footplate, the passenger can use this option to put his feet on the plate when he no longer wants to pedal. With optional seat belts a little safety is guaranteed.

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FunTrain – cycle amusement for 4

Although relatively unknown, the FunTrain is just as entertaining as the Fun2go. The FunTrain is essentially a double rider cycle trailer that can be latched onto an existing Fun2Go double rider, creating what’s known as a bike train. Instead of two people on one bike, a bike train consists of 1 driver and 3 co-drivers. 

A trailer hitch is mounted on the Fun2Go. The bicycle for 4 people, the FunTrain has a safety coupling that cannot release and an automatic hydraulic overrun brake. This gives the rider of the front duo bike 100% control over the FunTrain and Fun2Go. With the FunTrain you can also choose one or more swivel seats or other options.

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FunTrain mount to Fun2Go for four persons Van Raam
FunTrain trailer to Fun2Go for four persons Van Raam

Advantages of parallel tandems

  • No entry level
  • Stepless seat adjustment
  • One person steers, everyone can pedal
  • Perfect attention to the front passenger
  • Many riding systems possible for driver and passenger 


  • Enormously manoeuvrable
  • Test winner
  • Good communication due to sitting next to each other
  • Easy to steer 
  • Stable and robust
Tandem bicycle for two people

Tandem bicycle for two people

Besides the duo bikes, Van Raam also makes various types of tandems on which several people can ride a bike. These tandems offer people with a handicap and also people who can no longer cycle independently a way to get moving again, to become mobile and to enjoy cycling together again. The low entrance height as well as many different options help to make the tandem especially comfortable.

In addition to the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem, Van Raam offers the following different types of tandems:

  • The Twinny tandem, a bicycle on which two adults sit behind each other.
  • The Kivo, a bicycle tandem, on which a child and a companion sit one behind the other.
  • The Twinny and the Kivo are also available with two rear wheels as a three-wheel version: The Twinny Plus and the Kivo Plus
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Wheelchair bicycle for several people

Wheelchair bicycle for several people

Van Raam also offers people who can no longer ride a bicycle the opportunity to cycle together. There are two wheelchair bicycles in the Van Raam product range

On the OPair, the passenger sits in the seat at the front of the bicycle. The standard seat is adjustable in many ways. It may also be possible to fit a separate seat. Optionally, the wheelchair part can be detached from the bicycle and used as an independent wheelchair.
With the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bicycle, the passenger can remain seated in their own wheelchair. Almost any manually operated wheelchair up to 72 cm wide is suitable. It can be pushed very quickly and easily by a single person onto the tilting platform of the wheelchair wheel and secured there. Without much effort and without transfer, the own wheelchair can be positioned on the bicycle.

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bicycles for multiple users The Chat a bicycle for 3 people

The Chat - a bicycle for 3 people

The rickshaw bicycle Chat, a bicycle for 3 persons, is intended to be used for cycling together with adults and/or children who are no longer able to take part in traffic independently. An accompanying person rides with one or two persons on this rickshaw bicycle for 3 persons. The two passengers sit side by side in a specially designed cockpit, where design and ergonomics come together. The rider sits behind this cockpit and has a good view of the road, the bicycle, but also the passengers. It is not without reason that the bike has been awarded the Eurobike Gold Award.

Rickshaw bike Chat