Biketrain 6 persons

Bicycles for multiple users

Van Raam not only manufactures bicycles for single individuals, but our product range also includes various bikes for multiple users, such as wheelchair bikes and tandems. This article introduces you to the FunTrain, a double rider cycle trailer

Fun2Go – a bike for two

Our custom bikes continue to gain recognition, and as a result, an increasing number of people have become familiar with Van Raam’s Fun2Go side by side tandem. This tricycle tandem is a two-seater where you’re not seated behind, but rather alongside each other. The driver is responsible for breaking and steering, the co-driver for pedalling. 

FunTrain – cycle amusement for 4-6 people

Although relatively unknown, the FunTrain is just as entertaining as the Fun2go. The FunTrain is essentially a double rider cycle trailer that can be latched onto an existing Fun2Go double rider, creating what’s known as a bike train. Instead of two people on one bike, a bike train consists of 1 driver and 3 co-drivers. At Van Raam, you also have the possibility to drive not only one, but two double riders whereby the bike train caters to 6 riders in total. 

Bike train video

In the video below, Van Raam mechanics Marco, Dennis, Florim, Ian, Henri and Jeffry demonstrate how the double rider Fun2Go and two Funtrains are utilised. The double rider is equipped with a powerful HT motor for added pedal power assistance. Marco is the bike train’s driver and is the only person who can steer and brake. This way, Marco has 100% control over the whole entourage. The 5 co-drivers from the horsepower.

Bike for multiple users
Double rider cycle trailer
Bike train  6 persons