7 interesting facts about the cargo tricycle

A cargo tricycle is a transport bike with 3 wheels. Van Raam has 3 cargo tricycles in its range. Here are 7 interesting facts about Van Raam's tricycle cargo bikes.

7 interesting facts about the cargo tricycle by Van Raam
VeloPlus and OPair wheelchair bikes

1. Transporting people

A Van Raam cargo tricycle is used to transport people. The passenger or passengers take place on the bicycle and can be cycled to the final destination. With the VeloPlus, the person can even remain seated in his/her own wheelchair during transport.

2. Different types available

There are different types of cargo tricycles available. Van Raam has 3 types of tricycle cargo bikes in its range:

7 interesting facts about the cargo tricycle - Chat rickshaw bike

Rickshaw bike Chat

The Chat is a rickshaw bike. With this type of cargo tricycle, 1 or 2 people take a seat in the cockpit at the front of the tricycle. The attendant steers the bike and has a good overview of the road and the passengers. Optionally, the Chat can be expanded with a canopy to protect the passengers from sun and rain. 

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7 interesting facts about the cargo tricycle - OPair wheelchair bike Van Raam

Wheelchair bike OPair

The OPair is a wheelchair bike. The passenger, who uses a wheelchair, sits in the adjustable seat at the front of the cargo tricycle. The main driver controls the bike. In the divisible model, the seat in front is easily detachable from the bike section, so that it can be used as a wheelchair on location.

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7 interesting facts about the cargo tricycle - Wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus

Wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus

The VeloPlus is a wheelchair transport bike. On this cargo tricycle, a person can be transported in his/her own wheelchair. Without much effort, the wheelchair can be driven and fixed on the tricycle. The main driver controls the bike.

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7 interesting facts about the tricycle cargo bike - cycling together - Van Raam wheelchair bikes

3. Cycling together

Van Raam's 3 wheel cargo bike allow you to cycle together, even if this was not (or no longer) possible before. The passenger feels the wind through their hair and experiences cycling without actually having to pedal.

The 3 wheel cargo bikes are social bikes. The main driver can always easily keep in touch with the passenger(s) and the passengers on the Chat also with each other.

7 interesting facts about the cargo tricycle - advantages compared to a car - Van Raam Chat rickshaw bike

4. Advantages compared to a car

A car is often chosen for transporting people. With a tricycle cargo bike, however, you have quite a few advantages over a car:

  • A bicycle is much more environmentally friendly

  • No fuel costs

  • You don't need a driver's licence to cycle with a cargo tricycle

  • You can often get closer to your final destination

  • You can park a bike almost anywhere, also you have no parking costs

  • Cycling is healthier

  • No traffic jams!

7 interesting facts about the electric cargo tricycle - e-bike pedal support - Van Raam

5. E-bike

Taking a passenger on a cargo tricycle often takes more power for the driver than cycling on a regular two-wheeler. An electric bike is a good solution for this. At Van Raam, you can turn the cargo tricycles OPair and VeloPlus into an electric cargo tricycle thanks to pedal assistance.

Van Raam's unique pedal assistance system is characterised by simple operation, powerful motors, starting aid and individually programmable support. In addition, you can use the e-bike app for free.

The Chat is an electric tricycle cargo bike by default and thus has electric pedal assistance.

Read more about pedal assistance

6. Cycling backwards

If you choose a 3 wheel electric cargo bike with pedal assistance, you can cycle backwards. This function is very handy when you want to park somewhere or turn around.

As soon as the pedal assistance is switched on, you can use this function. Read more about this in the article ‘Riding backwards with pedal support on a custom bike'.

Cycling backwards with cargo tricycle
7 interesting facts about the cargo tricycle - options Van Raam OPair wheelchair bike
OPair with different options: adjustable seat width, belts, footrests and a colour of your choice

7. Options

Besides pedal assistance, there are more options and accessories available for the cargo tricycle. These include belts, SmartGuard tyres, an extra battery pack and various frame modifications.

The possible options can be viewed on the price list of the respective bike. The price list can be found on the product page of the Chat, OPair and VeloPlus.

Customer experiences with a tricycle cargo bike

Read in the customer experiences below how the different cargo tricycles are experienced.

Chat Rickshaw Bike

"Jan-Willem is a volunteer at Riksja Harderwijk, where he cycles around with people who can't cycle independently (anymore). Recently they received the Chat rikshaw bike from Van Raam."

Riksja Harderwijk - Harderwijk

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OPair wheelchair bike

"Wheelchair Bicycle - The Brandt Niklas family is not able to cycle alone, but with the OPair Wheelchair Bicycle you can again go on bike tours with the whole family."

Familie Brandt - Hansestadt Warburg

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"My name is Angelica Malinverni and I'm the mom of Caterina, who has had a disability since birth. We recently purchased the VeloPlus wheelchair bike and it has changed our lives!"

Angelica Malinverni - Italy

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