How do I step onto a two-wheel tandem


How do I step on a two-wheel tandem?

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How do I step onto a two-wheel tandem

Learn how to get on a two-wheel tandem and ride a bike together. You can watch our video and the related instruction text. Learn more about the tandems and have a look at the different options.

V​ideo: How to get on and off a two-wheel tandem

Watch this video to see how you can get on a two-wheel tandem. Afterwards you can find a step by step instruction.

Step by step instructions on how to step on a two wheel tandem

With the Twinny tandem, getting on and off is easy thanks to the spacious low entance. More space has been created between the saddle of the person in front and the handlebars of the passenger so that you don't sit too close together. Read below how to step on a two-wheel tandem step by step.

Step 1:

The bike stands on an even surface

Step 2:

The rider of the bike is the first to get on the tandem 

Step 3:

Sit on the saddle, have one foot on the ground and one on a pedal.

How do I step onto a two-wheel tandem
How do I get on a two-wheel tandem brakes


When standing over the frame, it is very helpful to hold the brakes firmly with both hands.

Step 4:

Next, the passenger gets on the tandem.

Step 5:

As the rider, you can now switch on the pedal support and start riding with thestarting aid.

Step 6:

Enjoy riding the bike together!

To get off the tandem again, let the passenger get off first. Then switch off the pedal assistance and get off the bike.

How do I get on a two-wheel tandem passenger

Two-wheel tandems at Van Raam

Van Raam's tandems are used to cycle together. The tandems are often used for people who are no longer able to cycle independently.

The Twinny Tandem, which you can also see in the video, is a two-wheeled tandem that is suitable for adults. With the optional accessories such as footrests, a backrest or a mirror, the tandem can be designed according to your individual needs and wishes.

The Kivo Tandem, also a two-wheeled tandem, is a parent-child tandem. On this tandem a child sits in front and a parent or attendant sits in the back. The attendant controls the tandem. The child has a good view of the surroundings and the adult has a good view of the child. This tandem can also be extended with all possible options. View all tandems by clicking on the button below. Also have a look at all options of the tandem you want in our online configurator.

Van Raam tandems

Two-wheel tandems at Van Raam

Options for tandems

There are several special options for tandems, including a rear steering system that allows the person sitting in the back to steer and brake, tandems can also be supplied in a detachable version (as shown in the video), and in the case of front steering you can still choose a double freewheel as an option. Check out these and other options and costs in our online bike configurator.

Online configurator

Try to step onto the bike yourself

In our showroom in Varsseveld you can try yourself to step onto one of our tandems and try it out. A technical advisor will help you choose the tandem that suits you best. On our test track it is possible to make test rides on different surfaces and practice real traffic situations. Afterwards you will receive an offer that you can take to a Van Raam dealer without any obligation to order your bicycle in this way.

Request a test ride

Van Raam bicycle test track for special needs bikes

Customer experience two-wheel tandem

In the customer experiences below you can read more about the use of a Van Raam Twinny tandem.

Customer experience tandem Twinny - Eugène te Wildt
10 / 10
Customer experience tandem Twinny - Eugène te Wildt
Koen has Down's syndrome and very low muscle tension, since a few months Koen cycles with his parents with the Twinny tandem. Read their experience here.
Read this customer experience
Customer experience tandem Twinny - Gerda en Chris Kost
9 / 10
Customer experience tandem Twinny - Gerda en Chris Kost
Gerda and Chris Kost have a Twinny tandem since May 2020. Read their experience with this tandem for adults here.
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User experience tandem Twinny - Danielle Felling-Claesen
9 / 10
User experience tandem Twinny - Danielle Felling-Claessen
He is super happy that he can cycle again! What a nice bike.
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