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Customer experience Twinny e bike tandem - Hans Bos

Customer experience Twinny e bike tandem Hans Bos
10 / 10

Hans and Elly like to go out cycling together. Until 1.5 years ago, Elly suffers from severe neuropathy and can no longer cycle independently. Now they have the Twinny e bike tandem and they can cycle together again.

Twinny tandem
(RAL 9005) Jet black matt
Pedal assist, Divisible frame
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Often on the bike

"I am Hans, 76 years old and live together with my partner Elly, 83 years old. We live in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. My hobbies are making music, reading and various board functions. Among others the organization of classical music concerts. My partner Elly and I have always loved to cycle. From day trips to trips of several days. Also long distances: Berlin, Basel, along the Rhine, Danube, Lake Constance. My wife on an e-bike and I on a mountain bike. Until Elly developed severe neuropathy as a result of chemotherapy 1.5 years ago."

Test ride, order and delivery

"We came to Van Raam via the internet. We searched for specific adaptations for bicycles. Then we went to Van Raam's location for a test ride. We liked it and made our choice immediately. Then we ordered the Twinny e tandem at Van Raam dealer Rob's Tweewielers in Boxmeer. We have financed the e bike tandem ourselves. In September 2021 we received the tandem and we like the bike very much. The contact with the dealer is very pleasant and involved. He also adapted our bike carrier so we can take the Twinny with us."

We are very happy to be cycling together again.

Hans Bos

Options and findings

"On the Twinny there is electric pedal assistance and a double freewheel hub that allows Elly and I to cycle independently. The tandem is also divisible, which makes it easy to take it with us on the bike carrier. That goes perfectly. The e bike tandem is very light to cycle. So far, we have only needed mode 1 of the pedal assistance. Getting on the bike is sometimes difficult for my wife because of neuropathy in her legs. But fortunately the tandem has a low entry. Once she's on the bike, she doesn't have to get off. She doesn't even have to pedal, which is nice when she suddenly gets cramp."

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Review Twinny e bike tandem

"We get a lot of looks while cycling, which is nice. The e tandem pedals lightly and is very stable. It is a bit heavy, but because we have the divisible version, I can easily lift it onto the bike rack. When cycling, we also use the Van Raam E-Bike App. We are very happy that we can cycle together again. We give the Twinny e tandem a 10!"

Hans Bos - Boxmeer, the Netherlands
Bike: Twinny e bike tandem

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