Van Raam has one type of panniers. These double bike panniers fits on the carrier of all Van Raam bicycles with one rear wheel. A double bike pannier offers more comfort and is ideal for carrying small daily errands.

Van Raam double bike panniers
Double bike panniers Van Raam special needs bikes

Order your Van Raam panniers at a Van Raam dealer

Would you like to order the double bike panniers for your Van Raam special needs bike? You can order the panniers at a Van Raam dealer in your area. Take a look at the dealer page and find your nearest dealer.


For which Van Raam bicycles is the double bike pannier suitable?

The double bike pannier fits all Van Raam bicycles with one rear wheel:

The pannier can be ordered seprarately and is easy to attach to the rack. Do you have a bicycle with two wheels behind? Then you may want to use a basket instead of a pannier.

Configure your own bike

With the online configurator tool you can easily configure your own Van Raam bicycle with a pannier.

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