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Customer experience Balance low step ebike - Joke Sonke

Customer experience Balance low step ebike - Joke Sonke
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Joke Sonke had not been cycling for years due to her balance problems, superficial nerve pain and Polyarthrosis. She tried several bikes without success, but finally stumbled upon the Van Raam Balance low step ebike. After a trial period, she knew for sure: this will be my bike! Read her story here.

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My search for the right bike

"My name is Joke Sonke, I'm 61 years old and live with my husband. My hobbies are crocheting and being creative and with the adult Balance bike I hope to be able to go out again. I have balance problems, superficial nerve pains and polyarthrosis. The last few years I didn't cycle anymore. I did try to cycle with a tricycle, a Huka one that we got from the Wmo, but it wasn't the bike for me.

I searched the internet myself and found a video of the Balance low step ebike on the Van Raam YouTube channel. Following the video, I consulted Van Raam via Facebook Messenger and was treated very well and helped properly."

Trial period, order and delivery

"I didn't come to Van Raam for a test ride, but I went to a Van Raam dealer in my area. Thanks to bike store Tinus van Overveld in the Netherlands, I was able to try out the adult Balance bike for a week. All praise for this man! After a week, I ordered the bike. The delivery of the Balance took about 10 weeks.

I have had the Balance low entry ebike for 2 weeks now. I use it mainly for the city, but also for touring with my husband, up to about 50 km. I like the bike! If I'm on the bike and need to stop quickly, I can get my feet on the ground right away. The braking system is also very good. I would still like ergonomic grips and indicators on the bike and a different saddle. This because of my nerve pains and balance problems."

If I'm on the bike and need to stop quickly, I can get my feet on the ground right away.

Joke Sonke

Adult Balance bike

"Many people approach me about the Balance. They ask where this low step ebike comes from. Even our neighbor rode on my Balance and immediately purchased one as well! She had cycling problems because of a stroke."

Joke Sonke - Hoogerheide, the Netherlands
Bike: adult Balance bike

Pros & cons
  • Easy to stop with feet on the ground
  • Good braking system
  • Suitable for trips up to 50 km
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