veloplus wheelchair bicycle at care center in belgium


Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bikes at Belgian care centers

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veloplus wheelchair bicycle at care center in belgium

Two different care centres in Belgium use Van Raam's VeloPlus wheelchair bicycle. The employees at day care centre DiMa in Meulebeke use the wheelchair bicycle to visit their 30 different visitors at home and the OLV senior care centre in Bornem has been given a wheelchair bicycle. Read more about both care centres and how they use the wheelchair bicycle.

Day care center goes to visitors with a wheelchair bike

DiMa day care centre for adults in Meulebeke is closed due to the coronavirus. Despite the fact that people cannot go to the centre, they are still being thought of. Some staff members have visited the visitors by wheelchair bicycle. The employees cycled past 28 different houses and had an Easter present with them for each visitor. The volunteers were dressed in and Easter outfit. At the visitors' homes they kept their distance and the attention was handed over.

In addition to this fun Easter initiative, other initiatives with other Van Raam bicycles were started. Read more about this in the article 'Initiatives with the Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona'. The wheelchair bike the employees use is the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike by Van Raam. Read more about cycling in this time period in the article '5 reasons why cycling protects against corona'.

day care center for adults dima visits visitors with wheelchair bicycle
day care center for adults goes to visitors with wheelchair bike
staff day care center for adults goes to visitors by wheelchair bike

Senior center in Bornem gets wheelchair bike

De Koolputten donated a wheelchair bike to the OLV senior center in Bornem. The OLV Senior Citizens' Centre is a residential care centre offering four forms of accommodation, including a care centre for the elderly suffering from dementia, assistance homes and a day care centre. CEO of the senior center Miguel Michiels often heard from the residents that they missed the opportunity to go cycling and enjoy the wind in their faces and outdoors.

De Koolputten dedicates itself annually to a social project, this year it was for a wheelchair bicycle for senior center OLV. They used to rent a wheelchair bike once or twice a year. This was very labour-intensive, because planning had to be made in advance and the residents had to be asked. It was also always hoping for nice weather. The reactions to cycling with the wheelchair bike were always very positive. The residents liked to have their freedom back and to have the sun in their face and wind in their hair.

veloplus wheelchair bicycle at care center in belgium
Senior center OLV with their new wheelchair bike (Photo: De Koolputten)

The residents liked to have their freedom back and to have the sun in their face and wind in their hair.

Cycling with a wheelchair bike is a special experience

The senior center is very happy with the bike. They can now go outside with the residents at any time. They are no longer dependent on the weather and the residents do not have to be asked in a hurry, they are now free to choose when and where they want to cycle.

Cycling with the wheelchair bicycle is a special experience for the elderly, says employee Serge of the OLV Senior Centre. It's important for the residents to go to a different environment, it's extra nice when it's in nature. The staff member also experienced that the residents became emotional from the bike ride. The view of the water, for example, brings back memories and sometimes they cycle past their parental home or past the bakery where they came in the past. Serge Vermijlen of senior center OLV: "Life is finite, these are moments that they take with them and that they enjoy".

Video: The wheelchair bicycle at senior center OLV

In the video (in Dutch) below by De Koolputten, you see more about the use of the wheelchair bike by employees and residents of the OLV senior center.

The Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike

The VeloPlus wheelchair bike from Van Raam is a wheelchair transport bike. This bike is specially made to transport people in their own wheelchair by bike. The wheelchair can easily be ridden on the VeloPlus tilting plate. The wheelchair can then be locked to the bicycle. The low position of the wheelchair on the bicycle makes it easier to ride the wheelchair on the bicycle and results in a lower centre of gravity. The broadly positioned and extra steering front wheels ensure a small turning circle and a great deal of stability. The driver has a good overview of the road and the passenger. The VeloPlus is also available with pedal support and other options.
Read more about the use of the wheelchair bike in the article: 'Wheelchair cargo bike for cycling with a wheelchair user'.

veloplus wheelchair bike by van raam to transport a wheelchair

Benefits of the VeloPlus:

  • Wheelchair user can remain seated in their own wheelchair
  • The wheelchair can be ridden on the platform without much effort and can be easily secured
  • The wheels are steerable and this ensures a small turning circle
  • Easy to use and very stable and safe

Read more about the VeloPlus on the product page.

More about the VeloPlus

Try out the VeloPlus yourself

Are you curious about what the VeloPlus can do? At Van Raam in Varsseveld and at some Van Raam dealers it is possible to try this bike for free. During an appointment at Van Raam, which you can schedule online, you will receive advice and it is possible to make a test ride. Afterwards you will receive a no-obligation quote. A wheelchair bike, or other adapted bike, can be ordered at a Van Raam dealer.

Try out the VeloPlus

Experiences with the wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus

The experiences below are from VeloPlus owners or users. Read more experiences on the user experiences page of the VeloPlus.

User experience wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus - Ton van Baaren
9 / 10
User experience wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus - Ton van Baaren
I am a volunteer at Zonnehuisgroep Vlaardingen (a care institution). As a volunteer, I regularly cycle with the patients, these are mainly patients of the psychogeriatric department. I was already familiar with a duo bike and a rickshaw, but since a year we also have a VeloPlus wheelchair bike. This bicycle has been donated to the care institution. There are several volunteers who cycle on the wheelchair bike. It is a pleasure to ride the bicycle. It is a pleasant way to take the residents outside and to bring them back safely.
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Customer experience wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus Van Raam Toon Lepoutre and Joyce Leeftink
10 / 10
Customer experience wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus - Toon & Joyce
Last week Toon and Joyce came to visit us and they made a successfull test ride with the wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus. They liked the bike so much, that they will soon get their own bike. We wish that Toon and Joyce will make a lot of beautiful bike rides with the VeloPlus and we hope that they can enjoy it for a long time! Read the first experiences of Joyce and Toon below.
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User experience wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus - Claire Huntingdon
10 / 10
User experience wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus - Claire Huntingdon
We had our delivery recently and we have a cool sister too who has learnt to take her sister for a ride! Here is Erin taking her big sister Lois for a ride!
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van raam opair wheelchair bike with a seat

View the OPair wheelchair bike

In addition to the VeloPlus, Van Raam also has the OPair wheelchair bike. The OPair has been developed to cycle together with children or adults who can no longer cycle independently and for whom a transfer is easily possible. At the front of the bike is an adjustable seat mounted for the wheelchair user. With the optional divisible version, the front part can be disconnected from the bicycle part. The front part can then be used as a wheelchair at the destination. Read more about this wheelchair bike on the OPair product page.

More about the OPair

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