Van Raam wheelchair bike and duo bike for residential care facility in Belgium


A wheelchair bike and duo bike for residential care facility

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Van Raam
Van Raam wheelchair bike and duo bike for residential care facility in Belgium

The residential care facility Wissekerke in Bazel (Belgium) recently has an extra special needs bike, which is the Fun2Go duo bike. The residents can already use the VeloPlus wheelchair bike since 2016, but now they also have a duo bike. Volunteer Garry Pieters has been cycling around 120 wheelchair rides a year since 2016. From now on, the residents can also cycle with the duo bike themselves. Read more about the use of these two special needs bikes at the residential care facility here.

Wheelchair bike for residential care facility

In 2016 the VeloPlus wheelchairbike with electric pedal support was purchased. A wheelchair bicycle was chosen because this bicycle allows wheelchair users to remain seated in their own wheelchair. The residential care facility was able to purchase the wheelchair bicycle thanks to sponsorship, the organisation of activities and with the support of the municipality. You can read more information about this in the article: 'Tips for raising money for a special needs bike'.

Almost half of the 150 residents of the Wissekerke residential care facility are in wheelchairs. The wheelchair bike gives them the opportunity to still get outdoors and feel the wind through their hair. Read more about this in: 'Special needs bikes as a bicycle taxi for the elderly'. Volunteer Garry cycles daily with the residents, so there was a need for a second bicycle.

Residents and volunteers residential care facility use a wheelchair bike VeloPlus
The residents have been using the VeloPlus since 2016. (Photo and source: Kristof Pieters / HLN)

Second bike: A Fun2Go duo bike

The residents wanted a second bicycle, they decided to go for a duo bike. In March 2020 the duo bike Fun2Go was purchased. City Counsel Member Filip Vercauteren tells HLN about the purchase of the duo bike: "After we saw the success of the first bike, we found this investment more than justified. It is important that the residents come out into the fresh air".

With the duo bike Fun2Go a resident can sit next to a volunteer and the resident can ride along as well. With the new bike extra volunteers are needed as well. Patrick Van Hoyweghen offered himself as a volunteer. He is retired and was looking for a fun pastime with which he can make others happy as well. With the wheelchair bike and duo bike he can now go for a daily bike ride with residents.

Volunteer residential care facility with Fun2Go duo bike
Volunteer Patrick with a resident on the Fun2Go duo bike. (Photo and source: Kristof Pieters / HLN)

It is important that the residents come out into the fresh air.

Filip Vercauteren

With the VeloPlus to former residential area

Garry Pieters, a cycling volunteer at the Wissekerke residential care facility, has been cycling with the residents on the VeloPlus wheelchair bike for four years now. He tells HLN about this: "Every year I cycle 120 rides of each 30 to 40 km, it's always cycling and enjoying nature and the landscape".

The residents are always free to choose where the bike ride goes and often choose for their old residential area. The favorite thing they do is to look at their former neighbourhood again. Sometimes there are some stops along the way, because the resident will have a chat with an old acquaintance. Garry tells HLN that he notices that during a bike ride the residents are completely revived.

Video: The two special needs bikes at the residential care facility

In the video (in Dutch) from HLN you can see the two special needs bikes in use at the residential care facility. Two cycling volunteers talk about cycling with residents on the wheelchair bike and the duo bike.

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Video wheelchair bike and duo bike for residential care facility in Belgium

VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

The VeloPlus is a wheelchair transport bike. On this bike someone can be transported in his or her own wheelchair. At the front of the bicycle there is a tilting platform. Once the wheelchair has been ridden on the platform, the platform clicks itself into place and the wheelchair can be attached to the bicycle with belts. The wheelchair is then safely secured while cycling.

The optional winch system makes it even easier to place the wheelchair on the platform. Instead of the driver using his or her own power to push the wheelchair user including the wheelchair up or down the bicycle, the electric winch takes over. 

The wheelchair bike is easy to use and thanks to the wide and extra steering front wheels you have a small turning circle and stability. The VeloPlus is also available with many options, including an electric motor or a reinforced version.

More about the VeloPlus

Fun2Go duo bike and duo bike trailer FunTrain

The Fun2Go is a duo bike. This is a three-wheeltandem where you sit next to each other. The two people can communicate well and both have good sight.  With the Fun2Go there is always one person steering the bike, the co-driver can only pedal. The riders can get on without stepping on the bike and the seats can easily be adjusted to the desired sitting distance with a lever. The duo bike is also available with pedal support and many other options, such as rotating seats, a mirror or foot fixation.

The duo bike trailer, the FunTrain, can be coupled behind the duo bike and also has space for two people. This allows an attendant to safely cycle with three co-drivers. The FunTrain has a safety clutch, with which it can be safely coupled to the Fun2Go. The main driver of the duo bike on the front has full control over the duo bike and the duo bike trailer.

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