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Hand motion bicycle

Van Raam produces bicycles for people who can’t ride a conventional two-wheel bike. In addition to the bikes in our standard product range (tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandems, side-by-side tandems, low step through bikes, walking aid and the scooter bike), we also produce occasionally special custom made bikes. For example, a special hand bike has been made for Mr. Roering at Van Raam.

New hand bike for Mr. Roering

Last week, Mr. Roering came to Van Raam to try out for the first time his new hand bike. This hand bike is specially developed for him and manufactured at Van Raam.

Special handbike

3.000 km per year with the hand bike

Paul Roering cycles approximately 3.000 km per year with his hand bike. After about ten years and 30,000 km on the clock, his old handbike was due for replacement.

The special thing is that this is the fourth special hand bike that Van Raam makes for him. All four of the hand bikes are designed by Jan-Willem Tornij (Senior constructor at Van Raam) in the 3D-Solidworks program, after which the hand bike is manufactured at the Van Raam factory.

Production of the hand bike

The hand bike for Mr. Roering is specially designed and manufactured for him. To give an impression of how such a ‘special’ was made, we made a short photo report.

Before the hand bike could be produced, Jan-Willem Tornij designed the who bike in the 3D-Solid Works program.

Frame and full bike in SolidWorks (3D)

During the Open Day of the Varsseveldse Industrial Association (VIV) at Van Raam on October 8th, all the visitors could already see the special hand bike. Paul Roering saw the picture on the page from the VIV and could not wait to ride with ‘this gem’.

Hand bike Van Raam VIV Facebook
Hand bike bicycle

Hand bike 2

bicycle hand bike

Hand bike 3

Handbike Van Raam

Paul Roering with his 3th hand bike (Source: Facebook)

Bicycle hand-moved

Hand bike 4 with, among other things, 8 gears, HT-engine with which Mr. Roering can drive both forwards and backwards, direction indicator set and stick holder.

We wish Mr. Roering much cycle fun with his new Van Raam hand bike!

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