renting van raam special needs bikes in belgium


Renting Van Raam special needs bikes in Belgium

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renting van raam special needs bikes in belgium

In Flanders (Belgium) G-Sport Vlaanderen has launched the project 'sharing bikes'. Thanks to this project, people with a disability can find locations where they can rent or borrow a special needs bike in Flanders. Read more here.

Sharing platform for special needs bikes in Flanders

Thanks to the sharing platform #GFIETST, everyone has the opportunity to cycle (again) by renting a special needs bike in Belgium. In the overview on you can find rental points throughout Flanders and you can see which types of special needs bikes are offered. These include side-by-side tandems, wheelchair bikes, tandems, rickshaw bikes and tricycles.

renting van raam special needs bikes in belgium

Initiative of G-Sport Vlaanderen

The project to rent a special needs bike in Belgium was created and implemented by G-Sport Vlaanderen (G-sport Vlaanderen vzw is the platform to support and promote G-sports in Flanders. In Flanders, they also call sport for people with a disability G-sport). Nele Slabbink of G-Sport Vlaanderen tells HLN about the project: "There is a great demand for special needs bikes from both individuals and organisations. Buying a bicycle yourself is often too expensive and research shows that the rental offer is still too limited. Moreover, there is no good overview of rental locations." In July 2021, there were already 120 rental points and a thousand bicycles for rent/loan throughout Flanders.

share platform in flanders belgium for van raam

Renting a Van Raam special needs bike in Belgium

Via the G-Sport Vlaanderen sharing platform, Van Raam bicycles can be rented/leased. Take a look below at the different special needs bikes that are available for rent/loan.

Van Raam side by side tandem Fun2Go rental via sharing platform in Belgium

Video: Van Raam duo bike rental in Belgium via the sharing platform

Watch the video below by VRT NWS (in Dutch) and see how Jenny and a volunteer rent a Fun2Go duo bike in Belgium (in Maldegem to be exact). Jenny about her rides on the Fun2Go duo bike: "I revive and people wave and it also pleases other people."

Watch the video by VRT NWS

Bike sharing system for Van Raam wheelchair bike in Essen

In July 2020, the municipality of Essen (Belgium) has purchased a Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike, this wheelchair bike was part of the pilot program of #GFIETST. This bicycle is also available via #GFIETST and can be borrowed free of charge. Read more in the article: 'Bike share system for Van Raam wheelchair bike in Belgium'.

More about the bike sharing system Essen

Bike sharing system for Van Raam wheelchair bike in Essen
The wheelchair bike of the bicycle sharing system (photo: VVV Essen)
Bike sharing system in Essen with Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike
Bicycle sharing system in Essen with Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike

Video: bike sharing system in Essen

Click on the orange button to watch the video (in Dutch) by DeKijker about the pilot programme with the Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair bike in Essen.

Watch the video by DeKijker

Van Raam bicycles available for rent worldwide

Are you interested in renting a Van Raam bicycle? You can borrow or rent Van Raam bicycles from a number of bicycle rental companies, museums, bicycle shops or other organisations worldwide. Check out our dealer page and select 'Rental Location partner Van Raam bikes' to see all the addresses we know where Van Raam bicycles are available for rent.

Dealer page

More information?

For questions about #GFIETST, contact G-Sport Vlaanderen. Do you have any questions about Van Raam's special needs bikes? Or would you like to know more about Van Raam? Please contact Van Raam.


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