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adapted bike project Pedder in Bremen

In Bremen you can now rent adapted bikes from Van Raam. This is as part of the project "Pedder - Freies Spezialrad Bremen". In this article you can find out what the project is, how you can rent bikes for free and which adapted bikes from Van Raam are involved.

Adapted bike project Pedder in Bremen

In Bremen the bicycle is almost part of the city scene, it's hard to imagine a town without a bicycle. Tthe bicycle is often used to get from one point to another in the city.In order to ensure mobility for people with a mobility restriction or people who for various reasons are no longer able to cycle, the ADFC in Bremen (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club stands for General German Bicycle Club) has set up the special bicycle project "Pedder" where adapted bikes can be rented free of charge. Sven Eckert, the managing director of the ADFC Bremen, describes it like this: "Pedder makes mobile! We are happy that we can make mobility possible for everyone with our free special bikes - even for people who find it difficult or even impossible to cycle alone due to physical handicaps". The name "Pedder" comes from the Low German "pedden" which means to pedal. In addition, Pedder is a first name in Northern Germany, admittedly rather rare. Since the ADFC has another bicycle project called "Fietje", which is also a first name, Pedder was the perfect addition.

adapted bike project Pedder in Bremen

Rent a bike for free in Bremen

Mobility in Bremen can be supported by the provision of free special bikes, such as the OPair wheelchair bike, the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and the side-by-side tandem Fun2Go from Van Raam. You can now rent and try out special bikes with Pedder at various locations in Bremen free of charge. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety as part of the national climate protection initiative and our Van Raam dealer TheraMobile also supports the project as a rental station. Learn more about the project on the Pedder's Website (in German).

Website Pedder

Enable mobility for all with our free special bikes.

How can I rent a 'Pedder'?

Renting a Van Raam bicycle from Pedder in Bremen can be done in 3 easy steps.

  1. Book: Once you have decided which bike you want to rent and have checked if it is available, you can book it by phone during the week.

  2. Pick up: After you have made an appointment at a station of your choice, you can pick up the special bike there. Do not forget your identity card, otherwise you will not be able to rent a pedder. If you are borrowing a pedder for the first time, please plan half an hour for the technical briefing.

  3. Cycle: Let's go! You are ready to explore the city and get to know your adapted bike, that you chose.

After you have used the bike, return it to the station where you borrowed it. Learn more about booking on the Pedder website under Pedder booking (in German).

Attention: In connection with Corona, please make sure to follow the rules of your country. Would you like to know what Van Raam has done? Read the article 'Measures related to the Coronavirus at Van Raam'.

Available Van Raam bikes

At Pedders in Bremen you can rent three different adapted Van Raam bikes. Read more about these bikes below.

Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

The side-by-side tandem Fun2Go is a three-wheeled tandem where the users sit next to each other instead of behind each other. One person steers and brakes while both can pedal. Without a boarding barrier, the riders can sit next to each other on the bike. Both have a good view of the road and surroundings and can communicate easily with each other. Learn more about the Fun2Go on the product page.


Fun2Go Adapted bike project Pedder rent Van Raam bikes in Bremen

Wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus

With the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike, the passenger can get on the bike with their own wheelchair in which they can remain seated. Almost any manually moved wheelchair can be pushed and fixed very quickly and easily by a single person onto the tilting platform of the wheelchair wheel. Without much effort and without transfer, the own wheelchair can be positioned on the bicycle and can be cycled off. Read more about the VeloPlus on the VeloPlus product page.


VeloPlus adapted bike Projectrenting  Van Raam bikes in Bremen

OPair wheelchair bicycle

The OPair allows the passenger to sit in the seat at the front of the bicycle. The standard seat is adjustable in many ways. It may also be possible to fit a separate seat. Optionally, the wheelchair part can be detached from the bicycle and used as an independent wheelchair. See also how the OPair has changed over the years in our article 'Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair over the years'.


OPair Van Raam Pedder adapted bike project Van Raam bikes rental in Bremen

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Every bicycle from Van Raam is produced in the bicycle factory in Varsseveld, everything from tube processing, powder coating to assembly is done in Varsseveld.
Would you like to know more about how a customised bicycle is made? Have a look at the page 'How a bicycle is made'. Would you prefer to try out the bicycles and have a thorough consultation? Then arrange a free test ride in our showroom in Varsseveld or a dealer near by.

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