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Fun2Go duo share-bike available at U-Stal in Utrecht

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van raam fun2go u-stal duo bike

In Utrecht (Netherlands) you can make use of a Fun2Go double share bike. The permanent location of the bike is the U-Stal bicycle shed at Laag Catharijne. The first duo bike was unveiled by, among others, Jelle Bakker, the bicycle mayor of Utrecht.

Fietsmaatjes Utrecht

The foundation Fietsmaatjes Utrecht (Bicycle Companions) was established in June 2023. Currently, they are actively fundraising to acquire tandem bicycles. The expectation is that in 2024, people will be able to ride tandem bicycles with Fietsmaatjes in Utrecht. For more information, please visit the Fietsmaatjes Utrecht website.

Festive inauguration U-Stal bike

On 30 June 2022 the first U-Stal duo bike was unveiled by bicycle mayor of Utrecht Jelle Bakker, alderman Rachel Streefland and Pieter Mosterd of U-Stal. The mayor and alderman Streefland made the first ride on the bicycle.

Plan for duo-bike by Utrecht bicycle mayor

Jelle Bakker, bicycle mayor of Utrecht, pleaded in an interview with RTV Utrecht for shared bicycles in Utrecht. He also mentioned that he found it strange that there was not yet a location for Fietsmaatjes in Utrecht.

unveiling u-stal duo bike fun2go van raam
f.l.t.r.: Jelle Bakker, Rachel Streefland and Pieter Mosterd. Photo: LinkedIn Jelle Bakker

U-Stal duo bike is an anniversary gift

The call of the bicycle mayor was picked up by U-Stal, the organization that manages the bicycle parking facilities in the city of Utrecht. In 2021 U-Stal existed 35 years, they wanted to celebrate this by giving the city of Utrecht a duo bike as a present. The bicycle can be reserved for a small amount per part of the day. The permanent location of the U-Stal duo bike is at the parking facility Laag Catharijne (Catharijnesingel 28).

Fietsmaatjes Utrecht

In the coming period, the bicycle mayor wants to set up a department of Fietsmaatjes in Utrecht. Fietsmaatjes (in English bicycle mates) is a foundation that allows people who are no longer able to cycle independently, to make a bike tour together with a volunteer on a duo bike. Read more about Fietsmaatjes in the article 'Fietsmaatjes on side by side tandem'.

duo-shared bike utrecht fun2go van raam
Left: Rachel Streefland, right: Jelle Bakker. Photo: LinkedIn Jelle Bakker

Fun2Go U-Stal duo bike

The U-Stal duo bike is a Fun2Go from Van Raam. On this bike you sit next to each other, so you can communicate while cycling. The driver has full control of the bike, the passenger can optionally pedal along. This makes this bike very suitable for cycling with people who can not (or no longer) independently participate in traffic. Some other advantages of the Fun2Go duo bike are:

  • Easy to operate with small turning radius
  • One person is steering both can pedal
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats with backrest

View the Fun2Go

u-stal bike fun2go duo bike van raam

Multiple initiatives for adapted shared bikes

There are multiple initiatives for adapted shared bikes. Read more about them in the articles below:


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