Cycling with Hemiplegia


Cycling with Hemiplegia

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Cycling with Hemiplegia

Cycling with Hemiplegia? Yes! Van Raam offers you options that can make cycling possible again. Read more about Van Raam bicycles for half-sided paralysis here.

Staying mobile with hemiplegia

Being half paralyzed, having hemiplegia causes you to move less and in a different way. However, your body needs movement and therapy, which Van Raam bicycles can possibly give you. This will give you new freedom, movement therapy and a better quality of life. Van Raam has different solutions for you, if you want to ride independently but also if you want to ride together with others.

Individual bike options for you

Every Van Raam bike is unique and is fully adapted to your wishes. We have several options in our assortment that makes cycling easier. Each person needs different options to be able to ride a bike again, these are individual per person. These include a stationary crank, special handlebars, footrests or even one-sided operation, here are all the necessary lower parts such as brakes and bell mounted on one side. See more options on our options page. 

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Cycling independently on a Van Raam bicycle

Van Raam has several models in the range that can make cycling withhemiplegia possible. First read below what advantages this has for you and which bikes could give opportunities for new mobility.
Independent cycling gives you many advantages including:

  • Gain new freedom
  • To be able to move by yourself again
  • Go shopping independently
  • Feel the wind in your hair
  • Cycling is healthy
Cycling with Hemiplegia

Tricycles for hemiplegics

Van Raam tricycles offer people, adults and children, who are hemiplegic (paralyzed on one side of the body) a good possibility of mobility.All Van Raam tricycles offer more stability and make it easier to get on than two-wheelers. Besides traditional tricycles with two wheels in the back, which have a small turning circle and are easy to steer, Van Raam also offers comfort tricycles such as the Easy Rider, Easy Sport but also front tricycles these are specially designed for people who have difficulty judging the width of a tricycle. All Van Raam tricycles have a parking brake, for safe getting on and off the bike, and can also be optionally equipped with the unique pedal assist.

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cycling with hemiplegias tricycles for half paralyzed

Van Raam scooter bike

The compact scooter bike is designed for people with unsteady condition or changing energy. The Easy Go is standard electric and equipped with the Van Raam pedal assistance.

Unique to this bike is that you have 3 choices of how to ride the bike, this can also be changed while cycling.

1st position: Easy Go as a tricycle

2nd position: Easy Go as electric tricycle

3rd position: Easy Go as an electric scooter

The Easy Go is a very compact and maneuverable bike and for this reason it is also very suitable for doing shopping. With the adjustable double suspension you get a stable and comfortable ride.

Read more about the Easy Go on the product page.

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cycling with hemiplegics on a scooter tricycle bike from Van Raam

Cycling together with hemiplegia

Are you no longer able or willing to ride a bicycle alone? No problem, at Van Raam we offer you several possibilities to cycle together even if you are hemiplegic respectivelyhalf paralyzed body.

Cycling together offers you other advantages besides exercise:

  • A low or no entry
  • Perfect attention to the passenger
  • Easy to steer
  • Together Stable and agile on the road
  • Good communication

See more about the possibilities below.

Cycling together with hemiplegia

Duo bikes from Van Raam

The Fun2Go side by side tandem from Van Raam is a special tandem with three wheels. On this you sit side by side instead of behind each other. This gives you both a very good view of the road and each other. If you have a hemiplegia resp. half paralyzed body and you don't want to ride a bike alone and still want to have a good time, this is a good solution for you. One person steers and brakes the bike and dat the 100% control, but both can pedal.

The Fun2Go can also be extended with all kinds of options and accessories, such as pedal assistance, a rotatable seat, foot fixation or armrests.

Read more about the Fun2Go on the product page

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cycling with hemiplegics duo bikes from Van Raam

Paraplegic in a wheelchair

If you are paraplegic and in a wheelchair, you don't have to miss out on the joy of cycling. In the Van Raam assortment we have two wheelchair bike models. The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and the OPair wheelchair bike.

With the OPair, the passenger sits in a seat at the front of the bicycle. The standard seat is adjustable in many ways. It may also be possible to mount a separate seat. Optionally, the wheelchair section can be detached from the bicycle and used as a stand-alone wheelchair.

With the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike, the passenger can remain seated in their own wheelchair. Just about any manually moved wheelchair can be very quickly and easily pushed onto the tiltable platform of the wheelchair bike by a single person and secured there.

Learn more about our wheelchair bicycles in our article "Which type of wheelchair bike is most suitable for you?"

More about our wheelchair bikes

Paraplegic in a wheelchair and cycling
Left: VeloPlus Right: OPair

Tandems from Van Raam

With the Van Raam tandems you can especially enjoy cycling together. Because of the low entry height and the various options, the tandems are often used with people who can no longer ride a bicycle independently, for example due to a hemiplegia.

Van Raam offers different types of tandems:

  • The tandem with two wheels, on which two adults sit behind each other: The Twinny.

  • A two-wheeled tandem on which a child and a companion sit one behind the other: The Kivo.

  • The Twinny and the Kivo are also available with two rear wheels as a three-wheel version:  The Twinny Plus and The Kivo Plus.

More about tandems

cycling with Hemiplegic tandems from Van Raam

Cycling after a brain hemorrhage

Pieter Van Diepen (32 years old), who had a brain hemorrhage. Because of the brain hemorrhage, Pieter has some limitations, but he enjoys life to the fullest. He has physical limitations on the left side of his body. For example, he has no feeling in his left ankle, his left hand does not cooperate, and he cannot move his left knee on his own. Read more about Pieter's experience with cycling with hemiplegia in the article "Cycling after a brain haemorrhage".

Cycling after a brain haemorrhage

Cycling after a brain haemorrhage

Best to try out for yourself

Try out for yourself which option is best for you when cycling with hemiplegia. Come by Van Raam for a free test ride. Or contact your local dealer via the dealer overview and ask about the possibilities of a test ride. They will be happy to help you decide which bike is right for you.

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