Duo bike Fun2Go cycling together on one bicycle Van Raam


Cycling together with epilepsy

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Duo bike Fun2Go cycling together on one bicycle Van Raam

For people who suffer from epileptic seizures, participating in traffic as a cyclist can be dangerous. However, thanks to special needs bikes from Van Raam, it is possible to cycle together and continue to experience the joy of cycling, even with epilepsy.

Epilepsy: Cycling is a challenge

Cycling can pose a challenge for people with epilepsy. An unexpected seizure can lead to falls and injuries. However, epilepsy does not have to be a barrier to enjoying the pleasure and health benefits of cycling.

Safety is paramount, and it is understandable that people with epilepsy are concerned about engaging in activities like cycling. However, with the right adjustments and support, they can also enjoy this activity.

Cycling together on the double seat bike Fun2Go Van Raam

Cycling together on a special needs bike from Van Raam

Many people with epilepsy find it difficult to cycle independently. Van Raam understands these concerns and has therefore developed multiperson bicycles designed specifically to provide safety and comfort. These bikes offer various benefits for people with epilepsy:

  • Safety: With a multiperson bike you can cycle together with someone else providing extra safety in case of a seizure.
  • Comfort: The bikes are designed with comfort in mind allowing you to enjoy a relaxed bike ride.
  • Companionship: Cycling together is not only safer but also more enjoyable. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings and each other's company.

Different bike models for cycling together

Van Raam offers various models of multiperson bicycles, each with their own unique features. Below, we highlight some popular models.

Side by side bikes

The Fun2Go side by side bike is an ideal solution for people with epilepsy who want to cycle together. Users sit next to each other on this bike, making communication and interaction easy during cycling. The side by side bike has a main driver, and the passenger can pedal along, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cycling experience. With the side by side bike trailer FunTrain, it is also possible to cycle with multiple people.

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Duo bike Fun2Go cycling together on one bicycle Van Raam


A tandem is another excellent option for cycling with epilepsy. Users sit behind each other on a tandem, with one person always able to steer the bike. This allows for shared enjoyment of cycling, even if the passenger experiences an epileptic seizure. The main driver maintains control of the bike, ensuring a safe ride. Van Raam offers various two- and three-wheel tandems for both young and old cyclists.

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Tandems cycling together on one bicycle Van Raam

Rickshaw bike

The rickshaw bike Chat offers a unique and comfortable way to cycle together with epilepsy. This bike has a seat for the passenger(s) in the front, while the driver sits behind the passenger(s) and steers the bike. This allows people with epilepsy to enjoy a bike ride without worrying about steering or pedaling. The rickshaw bike is stable and provides a safe and relaxed way to explore the surroundings together.

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Chat transportbike from Van Raam
Electric wheelchair bikes Van Raam

Bound to a wheelchair?

The VeloPlus and OPair wheelchair bikes are specially designed to transport wheelchair users safely and comfortably. With the VeloPlus, the wheelchair user, along with their wheelchair, can be easily secured onto the bike. The OPair features a special seat at the front for the passenger.

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Safe cycling thanks to accessories

A Van Raam bike can be equipped with additional options and accessories. With pedal assistance you get an e-bike. Read more about this in the article "6 benefits of pedal assistance on an adapted bicycle". There are also various options that contribute to safety when cycling with epilepsy, such as a hip belt, fixation vest, lap belt, backrest support, or footrests for additional support while cycling.

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Fixation vest for adults Van Raam special needs bike

Cycling independently with epilepsy

Still want to cycle independently? Make the decision yourself whether this is safe enough. If you have frequent seizures, cycling can be very dangerous for yourself and other road users. Let your doctor help you with the decision.

Make a test ride

Making an extensive test ride is very important if you want to go cycling together with epilepsy. Would you like to take a free test ride on one or more bikes? This is possible at Van Raam or at one of our dealers.

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