tips to be visible on your bike


5 tips to be visible on your bike

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tips to be visible on your bike

In the autumn and winter months, the days are shorter. It stays dark longer in the morning and at the end of the afternoon it quickly starts to get darker. But it is also often foggy or rainy during the day. All this affects how visible you are on your bike. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to be visible to your fellow road users!

Tip 1. Switch on your lights

A very obvious tip but not everybody does it. Especially at dusk or in fog, you might assume you will still be seen, but nothing could be further from the truth. Turn on your front and rear lights when you get on your bike. Even in fog and rain. This will make you more visible on your bike.

It is possible to have an extra rear light mounted on some Van Raam tricycles. This makes you even more visible to other road users and they will also see that you have a wider bike. The rules about an additional rear light may differ from country to country.

Want to know more about the lights on your Van Raam adapted bicycle? Read it here: Lighting viathe Van Raam electrical system.

tips to be visible on your bike

Tip 2. Check your lights regularly

It is annoying when you want to get on your bike and your lights don't work. Check your lights regularly to make sure they still work and are still visible. Sometimes lights become less bright as they age, making you less visible.

Tip 3. Wear reflective clothing

As you can imagine, wearing dark clothing makes you less visible when cycling. Therefore, wear clothing with bright colours and reflective parts. You can, for instance, buy a jacket for this or put on a safety vest when you get on your bike.

Tip 4. Check the reflectors on your bike

Reflectors are on your bike to make you more visible. Therefore check once in a while whether the reflectors are still on your bike. You can find the reflectors on the back of the bike and on the pedals and tyres. Contact your dealer if your reflectors are damaged or lost.

Would you like to read more abour cycling in the dark? Read it in our article: '10 tipsfor cycling in the dark' or watch the video below.

reflectors to be visible on your bike

Video: 10 tips for cycling in the dark

Tip 5. Other Van Raam options to be more visible

Van Raam has a number of options that can improve the visibility of you and your custom bike. It is possible to have an indicator mounted on some of our bikes. This allows you to properly indicate which direction you are going in the dark. You can also order a safety flag with some of our bikes. This makes you more visible to other road users.

In our bike configurator, you can configure your own bike and see what options are available with our various adapted bikes.

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