Wheelchair cargo bike for cycling with a wheelchair user

Bicycle manufacturer Van Raam has been making special needs bicycles for more than 35 years. These include tricycles, side-by-side tandems, tandems and a mobility scooter bike. The range also includes wheelchair bicycles. With the wheelchair cargo bike VeloPlus you can cycle together with a wheelchair user.

What is a wheelchair cargo bike?

A wheelchair cargo bike is suitable for adults or children who can no longer cycle independently. It is a cargo bike with room for a wheelchair. In front of the bike there is a carrier or a platform on which a wheelchair can be placed. A wheelchair user can remain seated in his or her own wheelchair in order to take a seat on a wheelchair cargo bike. The wheelchair can be ridden on the wheelchair cargo bike and can be secured in the carrier or on the platform.

The driver of the wheelchair cargo bike can then take a seat on the bike and has a good overview of the wheelchair. The wheelchair user has a good view of the road and can enjoy the beautiful view.

Wheelchair cargo bike to cycle with a wheelchair user

Wheelchair cargo bike VeloPlus by Van Raam

Van Raam's wheelchair cargo bike is called the VeloPlus. The VeloPlus has been specially developed to transport people in their own wheelchair by bicycle. As early as 1992 Van Raam introduced a wheelchair cargo bike on the market and in recent years several models of this cargo bike for a wheelchair have come on the market. In 2016 Van Raam completely renewed the VeloPlus with a new design and improved riding characteristics. Read more about this in the article: 'Van Raam wheelchairbike VeloPlus over the years'.

With the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike, the wheelchair user can remain seated in his or her own wheelchair and therefore no transfer is required between the wheelchair and the bike. The VeloPlus has a platform instead of a cargo rack for the wheelchair. Without lifting assistance or a high level of physical strength, the wheelchair can be ridden on the tilting platform of the wheelchair cargo bike, after this the platform clicks itself into place and the wheelchair can be secured to the bicycle. The optional winch system makes this even easier. Instead of the driver using his or her own power to push the wheelchair user including the wheelchair onto or off the bicycle, the electric winch takes over.

Without the wheelchair user having to make a transfer and without heavy effort on the part of the main driver, cycling can be done with the VeloPlus wheelchair cargo bike. The extra steering front wheels ensure a small turning circle and extra stability.

The wheelchair transport bike is often used in elderly homes and (care) institutions, because it is easy to cycle with this wheelchair bike and almost every wheelchair user can be transported with it.

Read more about the VeloPlus on the product page.

More about the VeloPlus
Detail wheelchair cargo bike VeloPlus by VAn Raam

Detail of the wheelchair cargo bike

Wheelchair cargo bike VeloPlus with platform for a wheelchair

The cargo bike with a wheelchair

Seat belts on the Van Raam wheelchair cargo bike VeloPlus

Seat belts to secure the wheelchair

Tilting platform on the Van Raam wheelchair cargo bike VeloPlus

Tilting platform on the bike

Benefits and unique riding characteristics of the VeloPlus wheelchair bike

The VeloPlus wheelchair cargo bike distinguishes itself from other wheelchair cargo bikes thanks to the following advantages and unique riding characteristics:

  • Wheelchair user can remain seated in his or her own wheelchair

  • Suitable for almost any manually powered wheelchair

  • The wheelchair can easily be ridden on the platform of the wheelchair cargo bike

  • The wheelchair is easy and safe to attach to the wheelchair cargo bike
  • A very small turning circle

  • Standard 8 gears, with pedal support also

  • 5 year warranty on the frame
Pedal support on Van Raam electric wheelchair cargo bike VeloPlus
The display to operate the pedal support on the VeloPlus electric wheelchair cargo bike

Electric wheelchair cargo bike

An electric cargo bike for a wheelchair is also possible by choosing optional pedal support. The unique Silent System has been developed for and by Van Raam. This award-winning, unique system is characterised, among other things, by the simple operation of the display; with three assist positions and the starting aid, the possibility to cycle backwards and the possibility to program the support individually.

The Van Raam pedal support can be used in combination with the Van Raam E-Bike App. The app can be used as a luxury bike computer and it is possible to change bike settings, send SOS messages and view bike data such as speed, battery capacity and distance.

Read more about the electrical system and the app on the pedal support page.

More about pedal support

Accessories and options for the wheelchair cargo bike

​The bike can be personalised by adding accessories and options, these options can be found on the VeloPlus price list, which can be found on the product page. Some of these options for the VeloPlus wheelchair cargo bike are:

Experiences with the VeloPlus

Be inspired by the users of the Van Raam wheelchair bike and read the experiences of people with a VeloPlus cargo bike for a wheelchair.

VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"Last Sunday we made our 'maiden voyage' with 20 degrees Celsius !!! We hope that we can enjoy this beautiful cargo bike from Van Raam throughout the summer."

Toon Lepoutre & Joyce Leeftink - Winterswijk

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"We had our delivery recently and we have a cool sister too who has learnt to take her sister for a ride! Here is Erin taking her big sister Lois for a ride!"

Claire Huntingdon - Wakefield

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"Since a year we have a VeloPlus wheelchair bike. It is a pleasant way to take the residents outside and to bring them back safely."

Ton van Baaren - Vlaardingen

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Make a test ride at Van Raam or you dealer and get advice

Plan a test ride

Would you like to get to know the VeloPlus wheelchair cargo bike better?This is possible in the showroom at Van Raam in Varsseveld, the Netherlands, and at some Van Raam dealers. During an appointment you will get to know the bike and get advice from a technical advisor, it is possible to make a test ride. Afterwards, you will receive a custom-made and no-obligation quote to take home with you. The bike can be ordered at a Van Raam dealer. Find a dealer in your area with our dealer locator.

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OPair wheelchair bike by Van Raam

View the OPair wheelchair bike

Besides the VeloPlus, Van Raam also has the OPair wheelchair bike. At the front of this bike a comfortable and adjustable seat has been made for the passenger and the driver has a good view of the passenger. The slightly angled front wheels provide increased riding comfort and stability. With the optional divisible version, the front part can be disconnected from the bicycle and can be used as a wheelchair. The OPair is also available with options such as electric pedal support.

More about the OPair