What is a tandem bicycle?

A tandem is a bicycle which is suitable for two or more people sitting behind or next to each other. In this article, you will learn what a tandem can mean, what types of tandems Van Raam has and what a side by side tandem is and why it is special.  

Different types of tandems

Van Raam as a manufacturer of adapted bikes has different types of tandems. These tandems offer people with a disability and also people who can no longer ride a bicycle independently a way to get moving again, to become mobile and to enjoy cycling together with others. The low entrance height or the complete absence of an entrance as well as many different options help to make the tandem especially comfortable.

Van Raam offers five different types of tandems:

  • The Twinny tandem, a bicycle on which two adults sit behind each other. 

  • The Kivo, a bicycle tandem, on which a child and a companion sit one behind the other.

  • The Twinny and the Kivo are also available with two rear wheels as a three-wheel tandem: the Twinny Plus and the Kivo Plus.

  • A tricycle tandem, the Fun2Go, is a side by side tandem on which the users sit next to each other. 

Van Raam What is a tandem Fun2Go

Tricycle tandem Fun2Go and FunTrain

Van Raam What is a tandem bicycle Kivo tandem

Bicycle tandem Kivo 

Van Raam What is a tandem Twinny Plus tricycle tandem

Tricycle tandem Twinny Plus

Van Raam What is a tandem Kivo Plus tricycle tandem

Tricycle tandem Kivo Plus

bicycle tandem Twinny

Bicycle tandem Twinny

Get to know our tandems in videos

Side by side tandems van raam

What is a side by side tandem?

A side by side tandem is a tandem on which you can ride side by side. Van Raam has the Fun2Go parallel with three wheels in its range. On a two-seater, one person is responsible for steering and braking the bicycle. The passenger next to the rider can pedal along, but cannot steer or brake th bike. Thanks to the side by side tandem trailer FunTrain from Van Raam it is also possible to cycle with several people at the same time. With this bicycle, which contains the Fun2Go and FunTrain, one person is responsible for steering and braking. The three passengers pedal along, but cannot steer. Compare the Van Raam tricycle tandems in the article ‘Three tricycle tandems by Van Raam in comparison'.

Side by side tandems

Van Raam tandem test winner

The Norwegian Government has commissioned an independent expert commission to several custom bicycles in four different bicycle categories to determine which bicycles are in the tender, i.e. may be sold in Norway. The side by side tandem Fun2Go is one of the test winners and the Kivo Plus is also in the tender of Norway. You can read which other Van Raam bicycles have become test winners in the article: "Van Raam custom bikes test winner by Norwegian government

Van Raam Fun2Go test winner by norwegian government

Fun2Go duo bike test winner by the Norwegian government

In one of the categories were duo bikes, also known as side by side tandems. Besides the price, the quality of the frame, the quality and reliability of the bicycle and the battery charger, as well as the possibilities to adapt the bicycle to the individual circumstances, were judged, but also the accessories used on the bicycle, the user-friendliness and, besides the design of the bicycles, the overall impression. In the category Duo bicycles the Fun2Go from Van Raam, the Othros from Huka, the Toogether E from Draisin and the DuoC from Pf mobility were tested. Find out more about the Fun2Go as test winner in this article.

Fun2Go test winner
Van raam Kivo plus test winner by norwegian government

Tricycle tandem Kivo Plus won in the tender in Norway

In the category tricycle tandem bikes, rear and auxiliary motor for children, teenagers and adults, besides the Kivo Plus from Van Raam, the Kaptein Duo from Draisin and the Copilot 3 from Huka were tested. A child can sit on the front of the Kivo Plus tandem so that he or she can see the surroundings well and an adult can sit on the back of the tandem where he or she has a good view of the child and the surroundings. Extra safety and stability, both are provided by the parking brake, the handlebars and the two wheels at the back of the bike. Find out what other special features and characteristics the Kivo Plus tandem has been included in the tender of Norway.

Kivo Plus in Tender

Experiences of tandem cyclists

Twinny tandem

"He is super happy that he can cycle again! what a nice bike 😬😍"

Danielle Felling-Claessen - Maastricht

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Twinny Plus tandem

"Tessel Klinkenberg (22) has Down's syndrome and therefore cannot cycle independently. With the Twinny Plus tricycle tandem, Tessel has the feeling that she really cycles."

Tessel Klinkenberg - Santpoort-Noord

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Twinny Plus tandem

"Since April 2018 we are in possession of a Twinny Plus three-wheel tandem with divisable frame. We bought this bike so that we are able to cycle with our son Lucas."

Madelon Boots - De Hoef, Utrecht

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Kivo Plus tandem

"When Robin came to live with us he brought his wonderful parent and child tandem! We had to practise a bit and now we have made some nice bike rides!"

Antoinette Krol - Doetinchem

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"Collin Capozzi (22) from Belgium has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but this doesn't stop him from getting on the road with the Fun2Go double rider cycle."

Collin Capozzi - Puurs

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"At the residential care facility De Hogestraat in Aalten live people with intellectual disabilities. At this facility, the caregivers use the Fun2Go almost daily."

Healthcare organisation Estinea - Aalten

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