What is a rickshaw bike?

A rickshaw bike is a transport bike on which people can be transported. Van Raam has a rickshaw bicycle in its assortment. With this bike, people can be transported who can no longer independently participate in traffic. Read more about the rickshaw bike in this article.  

what is a rickshaw bike Chat Van Raam transport bike

What is a rickshaw?

The meaning of 'rickshaw', according to the Van Dale dictionary, is: light two-wheeled cart for transporting people or goods, pulled by one person walking or cycling. Rickshaws made their appearance in southern Asia at the end of the 19th century. The advantage of the rickshaw at that time was that one person could be transported by one attendant, instead of two or four in the case of a palanquin.

Currently, rickshaws are mainly used as cabs in Asia. Also in other countries, bicycle rickshaws are being used. An example is the Van Raam Chat transport bike. This bicycle is mainly used for bicycle trips with elderly people who are no longer able to cycle independently.

what is a rickshaw bike Van Raam Chat

Van Raam rickshaw transport bike

The Chat is a rikshaw on which one driver can transport one or two people in the front of the bike. The passengers are seated in an ergonomic and suspended tub that is fitted with seatbelts. The driver is seated behind them and therefore has a good overview of both the passengers and the road.

The name of the rickshaw bike says it all. The Chat is an ideal bike for socializing during a bike ride. On the rickshaw bike, people who can no longer cycle independently can enjoy the wind through their hair.

what is a rickshaw bike Chat Van Raam easy to get on

Benefits of the rickshaw bike

  • The bike has pedal assist (Smart E-Bike) by default
  • A comfortable and safe seat on the front with seatbelts
  • Easy to get on and off due to the retracting footrest
  • Cheaper than transportation by bus or taxi
  • Very easy to drive

View the Chat

Product video Chat rickshaw bike

Watch the productvideo of the Van Raam Chat below. In the video you can see multiple functionalities of the rickshaw bike such as; the parking brake, foldable footplate, seat and electronic pedal assistance.