The Easy Rider adaptive tricycle from Van Raam

When you don’t have the possibility to cycle on a standard two-wheel bike (anymore), you will look at the possibilities that do exist when you want to cycle: an adaptive tricycle. The Easy Rider is one of the adaptive tricycles in the Van Raam assortment. The tricycle has many satisfied users and is a popular bike. In this article, you can discover more about the Easy Rider adaptive trike from Van Raam.

Van Raam adaptive bikes

An adaptive bike is a bike that is specially made for your needs and is adjusted to your wishes. With the help of an adaptive bike, you can go on a bike ride on your own or together with someone else. This might be because you can cycle on your own again, or because someone else can cycle together with you. Van Raam produces different types of adaptive bikes. One of the bikes that Van Raam produces is the Easy Rider adaptive tricycle.

The Easy Rider adaptive tricycle from Van Raam

The Easy Rider adaptive tricycle

Van Raam’s Easy Rider is an adapted trike for adults. The bike has one wheel at the front and two rear wheels. This ensures that the bike is extra stable and makes it nearly impossible to fall over with the tricycle.

Because of the unique frame of the bike, the tricycle has a low entry and a low seating position. The Easy Rider provides a stable and safe feeling due to the combination of the low seating position, a comfortable seat with an individually adjustable backrest and the handlebar in front of you. This low seating position allows you to make a different pedaling movement while cycling than on a standard two-wheel bike, where you sit above the bottom bracket. You sit behind the bottom bracket on the Easy Rider and pedal forwards. This forward pedaling movement provides a lot of comfort while cycling.
Most Easy Rider users think it’s an easy tricycle to ride. This is partly due to the perfect riding comfort. The sitting position of the bike reduces the strain on your shoulders, back and neck. Read more in the article ‘Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Rider tricycle’.

See all the advantages and benefits of the Easy Rider below:

  • Comfortable seating with backrest support

  • Perfect riding comfort, cycles lightly

  • Short turning radius

  • Fits through a normal door

  • Provides a stable and secure feeling

  • Forward pedal movement

  • Favorite with many users
  • Cycles easily

Read more about the Easy Rider adaptive tricycle on the product page.

More about the Easy Rider
Easy Rider adaptive tricycle Van Raam
Van Raam Easy Rider adaptive tricycle handlebar
Van Raam Easy Rider adaptive tricycle
Easy Rider adaptive tricycle from Van Raam straps
Easy Rider adaptive tricycle Van Raam

Easy Rider video's

Next to photos, we also have a lot of videos about the Easy Rider. Like the product video and the instruction video below. The instructional video shows how the electric tricycle for adults works with the Van Raam Smart E-Bike App. Would you like to see more videos of the Easy Rider? Take a look at our playlist on YouTube.

Because of the unique frame, there's a low entry and a stable, low seating position. Together with the seating with backrest and the handlebar in front of you, this provides a secure and safe feeling.
Van Raam Easy Rider electric tricycle

Electric tricycle

The most popular option for the Easy Rider is the Van Raam pedal support. This electrical system, the Silent System, is specially designed by Van Raam for her adapted bikes. The pedal support system has many special features:

  • Easy to operate
  • Three support modes

  • A powerful, nearly silent motor

  • Safe batteries of a high quality

  • Individually adjustable support modes

  • Starting aid

  • Possibility for cycling backwards

  • Free access to the Smart E-Bike app

More about the pedal support
Van Raam E-Bike App on Easy Rider tricycle

The Van Raam Smart E-Bike App

With the Van Raam Smart E-Bike App, you can use your smartphone as a luxury bike computer during your bike ride. On the dashboard you can see the current speed you’re cycling and the distance you’ve already cycled. Other advantages of the E-Bike App: 

  • Viewing battery data
  • Notifications about the conditions of the battery

  • Changing bike settings

  • Sending an SOS message with GPS location

  • View the cycles routes

  • View bike information

  • View the latest GPS data of your bike’s location

  • Receive push notifications

More about the E-Bike App
Van Raam Easy Rider test winner by norwegian government

Easy Rider is a test winner

The Easy Rider has been chosen as a test winner by the independent committee of the government in Norway. Among other things, the price, the entire quality of the bike, the possibilities to adapt the bike to personal circumstances and the user-friendliness have been tested. The Easy Rider has won the first place in the tricycle category with the motor on the rear axle and also the second place with the motor in the front wheel. Read all about this in the article ‘Easy Rider voted test winner’.

Easy Rider as a test winner

Customer experiences about the Easy Rider

Are you curious about what others think of the Easy Rider adaptive tricycle? Many users like to share their experiences with us. Take a look at the experiences of Karin, Gerhard and Henk below, or take a look at all the Easy Rider experiences.

Easy Rider tricycle

"Karin has myasthenia gravis and dystonia. Because of this, cycling on a regular bike became more and more difficult. With her new Easy Rider tricycle of Van Raam, she gets on her bike every day."

Karin van Prooijen - The Hague

Read more

Easy Rider tricycle

"Gerhard is 94 years old and loves to ride his Easy Rider fast. Read more about his experience with the Easy Rider here and watch the video from WDR Lokalzeit."

Gerhard from Bruehl - Bruehl

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Easy Rider tricycle

"After years of ignoring symptoms, I can no longer ignore it: I have a muscle disease. My life is completely turned upside down and I'm confronted with my limitations."

Linda Nanning - Dongen

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The Easy Rider family

Next to the Easy Rider tricycle, there are two more types of this bike: the Easy Rider Small for children and smaller adults and the sportive Easy Sport. Meet these two bikes below or take a loot at all tricycles in the Van Raam assortment.

Van Raam Easy Rider Small adaptive tricycle

Easy Rider Small

The Easy Rider Small is designed for children and smaller adults who have difficulty with stability. Just like the Easy Rider, the bike has a low entry with a comfortable seat and backrest. The suspension in the frame provides a lot of comfort.

Easy Rider Small
Van Raam Easy Sport adaptive tricycle

Easy Sport

The Easy Sport is a sportive recumbent tricycle with optimal support and comfort. The seat height and seat angle are adjustable so you always sit comfortably. The bike is suitable for both sportive and recreational cycling. The Easy Sports’ handlebar is located below. The location of the handlebar provides less strain on the back, shoulders, neck and wrists.

Easy Sport
Van Raam bicycle factory with showroom in Varsseveld

About Van Raam

With more than 110 years of experience, focusing on the production of special needs bicycles for over 35 years, and with more than 230 employees, each bike is uniquely produced on request. Innovation, quality and durability are very important to Van Raam.
Van Raam wants to offer sustainable and contemporary mobility to as many people as possible. We do this for people with a disability, balance problems or for people who are insecure while cycling. Because Van Raam believes that if people can be independent for longer, they will be happier. In this way, Van Raam wants to contribute to the integration of people with a disability in society. Let’s all cycle!

Take a look at the bicycle factory and watch our corporate video.

Take a look at the bike factory