5 advantages of the Van Raam Easy Rider Compact tricycle


5 benefits of the Easy Rider Compact tricycle

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5 advantages of the Van Raam Easy Rider Compact tricycle

The Easy Rider Compact is a seated tricycle for small adults or children from Van Raam. Check out the 5 benefits of this tricycle in this article.

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Van Raam Easy Rider Compact seated tricycle

1. Compact and modern design

The Easy Rider Compact has a compact design, making this seated tricycle very suitable for small adults and large children. The tricycle is compact in looks, but also in dimensions.

The Easy Rider Compact has a small front wheel and two larger rear wheels, narrow handlebars and short cranks, all adding to its compact look. The luggage frame is at the back of the backrest. A single-sided pannier bag can be attached here. Almost all cables run through the frame and the tricycle has a chain tube (instead of a standard chain guard), which protects cables well and makes them less noticeable.

The Easy Rider Compact is suitable with an inner leg length of approximately 63 cm to 81 cm. This corresponds to a body height of about 1.40 to 1.70 metres.

5 advantages of the Van Raam Easy Rider Compact tricycle

2. Low entry

The Easy Rider Compact's special frame makes it easy to get on and off. You hardly need to lift your leg and you can sit down. The centre of gravity of this bike is a lot lower than a standard two-wheeled bike, so you sit on a comfortable seat/chair instead of a saddle and you make a forward pedalling motion.

3. Agile

The Easy Rider Compact is a very manoeuvrable tricycle. The seated tricycle has a small turning circle and cycles smoothly and comfortably. Cycling with the Easy Rider Compact is also easier than with a traditional tricycle.

5 advantages of the Van Raam Easy Rider Compact tricycle - agile

4. Optimal riding comfort

The Easy Rider Compact has perfect riding comfort. With this tricycle, you sit comfortably on a suspended seat, which cushions large shocks well. The seat is adjustable in depth and has a backrest.
You make a forward pedalling motion while cycling, because the special frame makes you sit differently on the tricycle than on a traditional (tricycle) bike.

All these features reduce the burden on your back, shoulders, neck and wrists.

5 advantages of the Van Raam Easy Rider Compact tricycle - optimal riding comfort

5. Available with options

The Easy Rider Compactis available with various options, allowing you to customise the seated tricycle to your taste and wishes.

If you choose a tricycle with pedal support, you will receive a smart e-bike. The Easy Rider Compact then has the unique Silent smart display, which allows you to set the level of support and where you can view the speed and battery capacity, among other things. The Van Raam pedal support system is characterised by its starting aid, ability to cycle backwards, almost silent but powerful motors and individually programmable support.

Other options you can choose for include a larger battery, mirror, stick holder or footrests. A RAL colour of your choice is also possible. Via the bicycle configurator, you can put together your own Easy Rider compact with your desired options. All options are also listed in the price list on the product page of the Easy Rider Compact.

5 advantages of the Van Raam Easy Rider Compact tricycle - available with many options

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Would you like to try the Easy Rider Compact? This is possible during a test ride at Van Raam. During an appointment you get personal advice, you can ask all your questions and try the seated tricycle outside on our bike test track. Afterwards, you will receive a quotation to take home. Would you like to purchase the Easy Rider Compact? Then take your quote with you to a Van Raam dealer.

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