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User experience Easy Rider tricycle – Karin van Prooijen

User experience Easy Rider tricycle – Karin van Prooijen
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Karin van Prooijen has myasthenia gravis (a muscle disease) and a form of dystonia (a disorder in the tension of the muscle). Because of this, cycling on a regular bike became more and more difficult for her. With her new Easy Rider tricycle she gets on her bike every day with great pleasure and even a wish came true. Karin tells more about her experiences.

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Let's introducte myself

Karin: "My name is Karin van Prooijen (59) and I live in The Hague, the Netherlands. In 2013, I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and a year later with a form of dystonia. Since April 2020 I am the proud owner of a Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle. With my regular bike it became more and more difficult to get on the road. Balance problems and getting on and off the bike meant that I could only cycle close to home, with a lot of pain and fatigue afterwards."

Van Raam Easy Rider the right bike for me

"I came in contact with an occupational therapist who helped me tremendously and advised me to try a Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle. We made an appoint for a test ride at my house. Van Raam came by and I was allowed to make a test ride through my street. I immediately noticed that this was the right bike for me; riding off was very easy, the pedal assistance is great! Cycling in town is also pretty easy due to the good maneuverability, and with the bigger seat and the armrests I can sit upright with good support, which is ideal for both my muscle disease and dystonia. The bike was delivered to me after 6 weeks, from the point my Van Raam dealer ordered the bike and the final delivery of the bike to my home."

User experience Easy Rider tricycle Van Raam Karin van Prooijen

The Easy Rider lives up to its name, even if you have a muscle disease.

Karin van Prooijen

A wish come true

"It was my wish to cycle through the dunes again and even drive off the concrete slabs to get to the beach. An empty beach, blue skies and high waves due to the wind. The photo that accompanies the user experience was also taken on this day. The second day I had the Easy Rider, I had an appointment with my occupational therapist to make a test ride. This ride took us to the beach where I couldn't come for a long time because of my muscle disease. My occupational therapist took this picture of me to capture this moment of ultimate freedom. It seemed like quite an adventure because I didn't know if I could rely on the Easy Riderif it would take me back up to the path, but it did! What a powerful pedal support of the bike! Now it's time to make plans again to increase my range, day by day. Every day I enjoy getting on the tricycle and I am still amazed how less tired I am afterwards."

Positive things about the bike

"I am using the bike every day. A big advantage of the bike is that I don't have to get on and off the bike anymore. In addition, I am very stable due to the good backrest, the armrests and the bigger seat. Partly because of the starting aid I also have good support for my weaker leg muscles. Agility and the backward pedalling function is very useful in city traffic with narrow streets. I only have the bike for a short time, but I notice people find it interesting, also little children. The bike support is perfect for me, and the Easy Rider lives up to it's name, even if you have a muscle disease."

Karin van Prooijen – The Hague, the Netherlands
Type: Easy Rider tricycle

Pros & cons
  • Not getting on and off
  • Stability
  • Starting aid
  • Agility
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