9 frequently asked questions about the Easy Rider tricycle

Van Raam's Easy Rider is a tricycle for adults. Read in this article the 9 most frequently asked questions about the Easy Rider.

frequently asked questions about van raam easy rider tricycle

1. What kind of tricycle is Van Raam's Easy Rider?

The Easy Rider is a tricycle with a seat for adults. The bike has a unique frame with a low entry and the center of gravity is lower. The forward pedal motion and suspension provides perfect comfort.  The bike is very maneuverable and has a small turning circle. In addition, the Easy Rider fits through a normal door and is therefore good to store in a shed. 

2. For whom is the Easy Rider suitable?

The Easy Rider is suitable for adults who no longer can or dare to ride a regular bicycle. The Easy Rider provides extra support and balance while cycling. This makes the bike popular among people with balance problems or who have a fear of falling. 

3. How do you cycle on an Easy Rider?

A tricycle cycles differently than a regular two-wheel bike. On a tricycle you have more stability for example. In addition, you steer differently on a tricycle than on a two-wheel bike. On the Easy Rider you sit up straight and you only steer with your arms. On a two-wheel bike you steer with your whole body, by hanging sideways in a curve for example. Read in the article 'Cycling on a tricycle for adults' tips for cycling on a tricycle.

most frequently asked questions van raam easy rider different frame sizes

4. What are the measurements of the Van Raam Easy Rider?

The Easy Rider is available in two different frame sizes: medium (standard) and large. This makes the Easy Rider tricycle suitable for both small and large adults. See below for the specifications of both frame sizes. 

Medium frame

Maximal bike length: 202-224 cm
Maximal bike height: 116 cm
Bike height: 116 cm
Inner leg length: 65-88 cm
Weight without electrical system: 49 kilos

Large frame

Maximal bike length: 220-242 cm
Maximal bike height: 78 cm
Bike height: 116 cm
Inner leg length: 85-108 cm
Weight without electrical system: 51 kilo

Both frame sizes are suitable for people up to 140 kilos. Persons weighing between 140 and 180 kilos can choose a reinforced frame.

View the Easy Rider M and L

5. How should I charge the battery of the Easy Rider tricycle?

An Easy Rider with pedal assistance comes standard with a Cube Li-ion battery. You can charge the battery by taking it off the bicycle and bring it inside. It is also possible to charge the battery directly in the bicycle. We have written the article 'How does a Van Raam battery work and how to charge it' (with video) in which we explain step by step how to charge a Van Raam battery. In addition, we also give some maintenance tips for the battery in this article.

Battery charging and tips
most frequently asked questions van raam easy rider tricycle bike trailer adapter

6. Can I transport my dog on the back of the Easy Rider?

The Easy Rider tricycle can optionally be expanded with a shopping basket. It is possible to transport a pet, such as a dog, in this basket, depending on the pet itself. Please pay attention to safety. The maximum load of the carrier is 20 kilos.

In addition, for the Easy Rider there is also a bicycle trailer adapter available. With this adapter it is possible to attach a bike trailer behind the Easy Rider. The bicycle trailer that is hung on the adapter may not carry heavier loads than 45 kilos. Read more about the bicycle trailer adapter in the article 'Bike trailer-adapter for Van Raam's Easy Rider tricycle'.

7. Can I reverse with the Easy Rider?

It is possible to reverse on an Easy Rider with pedal assistance. For this the pedal assistance must be switched on. If you stand still and then pedal backwards, the bicycle will drive backwards after a few pedaling sessions. The reverse pedaling function is useful when, for example, you have passed a road you want to turn off on, or when parking the tricycle. Read more about this in the article 'Riding backwards with pedal support on a custom bike'.

most frequently asked questions van raam easy rider tricycle most popular options

8. What are the most popular options for the Easy Rider?

The Easy Rider is available with several options. The most popular options are:

  • Pedal support                                  
  • SmartGuard tyres
  • Shopping basket
  • Mirror
  • Stick holder                                    

Would you like more information about these options? Check out the article with video '10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle'.

9. How much does the Easy Rider tricycle cost?

The price of the Easy Rider depends on the options you want on the bike. Check the price list on the product page, or see how much your personalized Easy Rider will cost in the configurator.

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