Bike trailer adapter for the Easy Rider 3 tricycle


Bike trailer adapter for Van Raam's Easy Rider tricycle

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Bike trailer adapter for the Easy Rider 3 tricycle

Van Raam has developed a bike trailer adapter for the Easy Rider tricycle. By the adapter, a bike trailer can be attached with a connector behind the Easy Rider. Learn more about the adapter through the questions and answers below.

Why a bike trailer adapter for the Easy Rider?

With regular bicycles, bike trailers are attached to the rear wheel (to the hub) with a connector. Because the Easy Rider has no rear wheel in the middle, the adapter is designed for bike trailers. Van Raam's adapter provides a platform where this connector can be mounted. The adapter is designed in such a way that a bicycle trailer that can be mounted on the hub of a bicycle also fits on this adapter.

For which bikes is the adapter suitable?

The bicycle trailer-adapter is suitable for the Easy Rider 3 and does not fit older models or other Van Raam bicycles.

Bike trailer adapter for the Easy Rider 3 tricycle

For which bike trailers is the adapter suitable?

The bike trailer adapter is suitable for all trailers that can be attached to the hub. Both children’s bike trailers and dog bike trailers can be attached to the adapter. For example, a Thule child trailer or a Trixie dog trailer can be attached behind the Easy Rider with the adapter.

Adapter for a bike trailer behind the Easy Rider by Van-Raam

How can I order and mount the bike trailer-adapter on my Easy Rider?

When ordering a new Easy Rider with this option, the adapter will be mounted on the bicycle by a Van Raam mechanic. It is also possible to reorder an bike trailer adapter at dealers and have it easily mounted on your bike by them. The adapter is screwed to the rear swing arm.

The adapter of your bike trailer can then be mounted on the left side of the bracket using the included mounting materials. Your bike trailer may come with a quick-release skewer. This can also be mounted on the bicycle trailer bracket. If your bike trailer has a ball hitch, it can be attached to attachment point.

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Easy Rider 3 bike trailer adapter line drawing

How much weight can the bike trailer adapter carry?

The bike trailer that is attached to the adapter cannot be loaded with more than 45 kilos. This is the maximum load for most bicycle trailers. The adapter has been tested with a bicycle child trailer with this weight and has been approved.

Is the adapter suitable for use in all weather conditions?

Yes, the adapter is made of steel and powder coated in the Van Raam factory. This makes the trailer adapter weatherproof and it will not rust.

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The adapter is suitable for bike trailers that are loaded to a maximum of 45 kilos

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Do you have any questions?

Want to know more about the bicycle trailer-adapter or the Easy Rider? Let us know. We are happy to help!

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