Walker holder preparation

When you use a walker, the walker holder preparation is an option. You can take your rollator with you on your bike. This option is a bracket on which the rollator holder can be mounted. Because there are many different types of walkers it is impossible to have a rollator holder for every type in stock. A dealer or bicycle shop can help you further to order the correct walker holder for you.

Van Raam walker holder preparation option
Walker holder preparation option by Van Raam
Walker holder preparation option Van Raam

The walker holder bracket via a Van Raam dealer

The walker holder preparation can be ordered at Van Raam dealers. Find your nearest dealer on the dealer page.

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For which Van Raam bicycle is a walker holder preparation suitable?

The walker holder preparation fits the tricycles Midi, Maxi, Maxi Comfort, Easy Rider Small (Junior), Easy Rider and Easy Sport and can be mounted on the bicycle directly upon purchase or afterwards.

Create your own Van Raam bicycle

With the online configurator on the Van Raam website you can create your own Van Raam bicycle. For example, you can customize your Van Raam bicycle with walker holder preparation.

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Customer experience with the walker holder preparation

Check out Gitty's customer experience below, she has the Easy Sport tricycle with a walker and walker holder preparation.

Easy Sport recumbent trike

"I have been happy with my Easy Sport from Van Raam for 6 years now. Before that, I always cycled on a conventional two-wheel bike with coaster brake."

Mevrouw Gitty Verbaal - Weert

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