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Innovative air humidification system at Van Raam

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Service department Van Raam air humidification system

In the beginning of 2019 Van Raam moved to a new bicycle factory. This new bicycle factory is a modern and sustainable building. In addition to triple glass, solar panels and a modern installation system, Van Raam recently also got a new air humidification system of B&B Humidification. This special system humidifies the air by atomizing water, also called adiabatic humidification. Read more about the system and read the article in the magazine Installatie Totaal.

New and modern bicycle factory Van Raam

Because of Van Raam’s continuous growth of the past years, Van Raam had become too big for its premises at the Aaltenseweg 56 in Varsseveld. That's why there's a new and modern premises with a modern factory, offices and showroom. Van Raam had started moving at the end of 2018 and at the beginning of 2019 the entire company was transferred to the new premises. This new building on the Hofskamp Oost Fase II business park is one kilometre from the old building.

Van Raam bicycle factory Varsseveld solar panels

The new Van Raam bicycle factory has an installation system installed by installation company Heva. An additional air treatment installation by Lutec has been installed in the production hall. The building is equipped with insulation (by Kingspan), HR+++ insulated glass and solar panels on the roof, each with 300WP. With this new smart and clean bicycle factory Van Raam has been chosen by the province of Gelderland as one of the 7 winners as Factory of the Future.

Read more about Van Raam's new bicycle factory on the construction page.

New Van Raam premises

Air humidification system in the Van Raam factory

Peter Heinen, Van Raam's project leader during the new building construction, tells magazine Installatie Totaal: "One of the many aspects that come up for discussion early on in such a project is the indoor climate. How do you ensure that employees can work in a pleasant and as healthy environment as possible? And then you choose a climate-technical installation that you hope and expect will run smoothly". After a number of months, there were some complaints from employees about the air. These complaints included dry lips and a dry mouth.

The problem of dry air was discussed with Heva Klimaat en Installatie, who is responsible for the entire installation in the Van Raam building. Peter Heinen: "Heva suggested looking at the air humidification system of B&B Humidification. We did that and the only question that remained for us was: what about diseases, legionella, humidity ... because of course you don't want employees who get sick from too dry air, but you also don't want them to snivel or catch a cold because of any kind of humidification". In the end B&B Humidification gave satisfactory answers and the system was installed.

At Van Raam, B&B Humidification placed several units in different departments for the humidification of the offices and assembly department.Sensors register the humidity and when the air becomes too dry, the atomization is switched on. The air is adiabatically humidified. Account manager Martijn Barink of B&B Humidification: "Adiabatic humidification is the humidification of air by vaporising water, which is way more economical than electric steam humidification. Practice has already shown that the calculation between investment, yield and return is positive. This will prove to be the case here as well. Good for the employees and also for the energy bill".

View the interview (in Dutch!). (Source: Installatie Totaal)

Innovative air humidification at bicycle manufacturer Van Raam Installatie Totaal

Adiabatic humidification is the humidification of air by vaporising water, which is way more economical than electric steam humidification.

Martijn Barink of B&B Humidification

Photos air humidification system at Van Raam

Source photos: Installatie Totaal

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Van Raam innovates

Innovation at a company means the introduction of new technologies in the production process or the production of new or improved products. At Van Raam we are always working on improving and renewing our products and processes. Quality and sustainability are of very important to Van Raam. Consequently, Van Raam's special needs bicycles have been further developed using the most modern production methods and Van Raam applies an innovative company policy.

Besides modern machines in production, such as welding robots and a laser cutting machine, Van Raam also uses 3D printers and a 3D scanner.

Read more about the innovation at Van Raam on the innovation page.

Van Raam Innovation

Van Raam special needs bikes production 3D laser machine and welding robot 1

Take a closer look Van Raam

Would you like to see more of Van Raam and the production process? Take a virtual look at the bike manufacturer in the corporate video. Curious to see how Van Raam makes its unique special needs bikes? The production process of these bikes, such as tricycles, mobility scooter bikes, tandems, side-by-side tandems, wheelchair bikes, transport bikes, walking aids and low entry bikes, can be seen on the page 'How Van Raam bikes are produced'.

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